Sunday, January 8, 2012


Did any of you ever have a little five-year diary with a lock and key?

This is one I just found on the internet from 1941.

I remember having several of them as a child, usually given to me as a Christmas present.  I would try so hard to remember to write in it each day but never quite managed to keep it up and would get discouraged and give up.  That was my first young attempt at journaling.

When I was a young bride and mother, I began keeping journals in a small spiral notebooks.
When I would awake, in the middle of the night, I would get my little notebook and pour out my heart on it's pages.  Over the years they became records of the events going on in our lives, but also my dreams, my aspirations and my flustrations.  Often I would refer to them to verify when a particular incident had taken place.

In the heat of an argument, during a very bad time in our marriage in 1984, one of the things that was brought up was how I had to keep a record of every single event that ever happened in our lives.  In the heat of that argument, again in the middle of the night, I tossed ALL of my journals into the flames of the fire burning in the small metal fireplace in our bedroom. 

As I reflect back on this event (these 28 years later!) I would love to have those journals and realize what a childish responce that was.  Mickey has also been sorry he made that foolish, angry remark at me.  Like so many things in life we cannot undo our actions. 

While I no longer keep writen journals it has just truly dawned on me that this adventure of blogging, these past 5 years, is my modern day version of journaling.  No wonder it has been such a blessing to me.  

So, I am curious about your experiences with diaries and journals.  Have you kept one in the past?  Are you currently keeping a journal?  Do you consider blogging a form of a journal?  

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Midlife Mom said...

I too had the little diaries with the key. I think I may still have one in a trunk in the attic, at least I hope it is still there. Yes, that was sad to have tossed those journals but we all do things in the heat of the moment sometimes. I have tried over the years to keep one and never kept up with it so blogging was my way of doing it and I have kept at it, although not as often as I used to, for almost five years. I print them off and have put them in a plastic tote. Hopefully some day my grand kids will find them and see what I wrote about them and smile.

Mari said...

I had one little diary with a key, but my attempt at keeping it up didn't last long. I wish I had done better at it, and that I had kept a journal of my young married life. My blog is my best attempt at journaling!

Humble wife said...

I am sorry about your journal loss even all these years later. I have keep a week in review every week since we have been married. I used to photocopy it and mail it to the parents(three letters as Bills mom and dad are divorced). Since I began blogging I do not mail the week in review. When mom died, I received all of these back...and what a blessing because-you guessed it, I never saved a copy for me.

I also keep all correspondence. This is like a little time capsule and shares what the extended folks around us are up too.

AND YES...I do see blogging as journaling.

Have a wonderful day


Brenda said...

I had diaries, like you, as a child but never kept up on them. Plus, as a child, I got tired of writing "I made my bed" or "I hit my brother...again"! Haha!
I guess my brain isn't wired to just sit down and begin writing unless it's really something pressing on my heart. I think my problem is that I don't write fast enough to get what's on my heart out onto the page. Does that even make sense? I do enjoy blogging for that reason. And I have started notebook journaling again, but mainly things the Lord is teaching me through life events taking place.

Ginger said...

I also had a small diary with a key. I once tried to smoke a cigarette as a young girl. I was with a friend on a youth retreat of all places. I wrote about it in the diary and my mother read it! I never wrote again until I started to blog.

Blogging has been my journal for sure. I cried many tears when my first two blogs were closed without my doing. As you know I started blogging during the difficult days of missing my girls. It was healing to write my hearts feelings and have dear friends come along side and see me through.

I'm thankful to be healed from those lonely days and so the blogging is not serving the same purpose it once did.

I'm so thankful to the Lord that many of my posts were recovered by friends and I can keep them to share with my girls in the years ahead Lord willing.

Sylvia said...

We used to write to each other every day with our innermost thoughts before we were married, and then worried that our parents might read them one day, so we burned them as well. How sad we've been over these 45 years not to be able to read them.