Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Hardest Part of Getting Older

Yes, one of the hardest parts of getting older is finding it harder to do things that require a lot of physical dexterity.  The last major updates we did to our house were in April, 2008 when we changed the wallpaper in our kitchen, and changed the paint color on one wall in the living room and dining area when we had French Doors installed.  Mickey had also repainted the exterior trim in the spring of 2007.

When we purchase our little home in Coweta in March of 1998 I just loved the little master bath with it's free standing sink, the flowery wall paper on the lower walls with white trim and walls above. 

Fourteen years later we were absolutely SICK of the wall paper and decided to paint over the wall paper with a dark blue which would tie into a dark blue wall we have in the adjoining master bedroom.

Here I've gotten it all taped off to start the painting.  I have a feeling we are getting into a huge job.  Just being on my hands and knees doing the taping was a major chore and my body is letting me know IT did not like that bending and being on my knees at all.

If the finished product doesn't  look too bad, I'll post a picture when we are done.

Wow!!!  How I long for the days when we would tear into any project both inside or outside without even giving it a thought.  I even painted my young girls bedroom with a 3" brush back when I was 27 and about 6 months pregnant with our first son.  A 3" brush ---- and didn't think anything of it!!!   Yes, the hardest part of getting older is not being able to do all those things you were so use to doing and could do so easily.

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Ginger said...

Susan, my goal for this new year has been to get my body into shape, at least a little bit. I'll be 52 soon and I can feel the aging process slowing creeping up. I want to paint the woodwork in my bath, but remember all the hard work doing my 1/2 bath, ugh.

I'm looking at possible foot surgery and the "getting fit" will be put on hold as well as all the home projects for a bit.

Take your time on the painting and don't push yourself. I think your body will thank you.

We have a wall in our kitchen with a boarder that is above our open stairway. No one has a good suggestion for getting it down. I hate it! I'm thinking of just painting it a neutral solid so at least it will no longer have the floral look.

Mari said...

Ginger and I are the same age(although I tease her about being 6 months younger) and like her I'm feeling it too. Those projects are much more work than they used to be!
I'll look forward to seeing the finished project, but as Ginger said - take your time!

Marti said...

Hope your painting project turns out well. I hate wallpaper now, I used to love it.

Denny said...

I don't know how I'll be then but I hope that doing something about getting into shape now will help.

Michelle P said...

I do know how you feel. I still get a bit down about our little house and miss it. I can just picture how nice it could have been. Our bodies just said we had to give it up. Huggles.

Sylvia said...

Ginger and Marie are just "babies" to me (only in age, not in stature!) On Tuesday I spent whole evening rollering huge expanses of wall in our new church building but Wednesday morning I could hardly move! SO, So frustrating and agree with you Susan. Take care.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Sharon said...

Oh Susan I know what you mean.
We need to do some painting outside this year but with our age and health,ladders and being on my old knees is not something we need.
Can not wait to see what you end up with. Do take it slow however and you will get it done.

Brenda said...

Can't wait to see the finished product.
A 3" brush? Wow!
I'm bugged about my knees. I'm thinking I messed them up when I was cleaning those big houses at the golf resort, because they never bothered me before. And they only bother me going up and down stairs...BUT I'm believing for healing and so thankful I can get out and do my walk without them bugging me.
And thank God our spirits remain young!

Sunny said...

I am right there with you, Susan, and feeling this even more so since my knee surgery. I know we should strive to grow old gracefully, but every time "age" comes along to sit me down, my "stubborn side" wants to stand up again. Quite a delema ...

retha said...

It is still fresh in my memory to not be able to do some things, even now there are still one two things I must take it easy on, so my input would be be careful.
After all the hard work just relax and enjoy the change.

A brush?,sorry for asking, were there not rollers those days?

Kathy said...

As most have said, do take your time, sweet friend. I too cannot wait to see the finished result! Now, about the distance between us that prevents me from helping.....perhaps a field trip is in order! : )

Humble wife said...

Oh Susan I understand. I used to tell the kids how much I did when I was pregnant. Now I can tell I am on less of a get go, and know, that no matter what I do my body will slow down. I believe I am finding that a comfort as I will lean on Him even more.