Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mickey & I have had a Tr*ac*ph*one for the past years.  An inexpensive one that we purchased at Wal*ly and we prepurchased minutes for a year at a time.  We had no ability to text (what is that?!) nor could you leave us a message.  I, who does not particularly like to talk on a telephone much anyway, was perfectly content with what we had and especially the fact it only cost us $10 a month.  To me the purpose of a phone is to leave a message or tell someone something important that I need to tell them.

Our son, Marc decided that we needed to come more into the 21st Century so he and Mickey went "shopping" at the phone store.

Here is our new phone, complete with the pull-out section for texting.

Mickey is already learning to operate the "thing".  Me, not so much, YET!!!!  So, which of you would like to come and help this grandma move more into the 21st and HELP ME?

I'm sure, like everything else, I'll get it figured out enough to do what I need it to do.  Life is a series of new things and moving forward.  Sometimes I'd just like to stay at status-quo!!

In all honestly, I'm thankful for a son who is making sure we adjust and more forward.

Oh, and it has a camera!!!  You know I'll be learning to use that.

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Dawn said...

I can relate. I have a very basic T-Mobile phone, and enjoy having the ability to be reached by Kristen or reach her when I have the kids wherever we are. But I despise what texting has done to our society, so don't really love to learn that although it would be handy too.

So - my sweet hubby decided to get me an I-Pod Touch for Christmas. It has been 4 weeks now and I still do not have it up and running with much. I have a small ipod for working out at the gym, and that is all I really needed. I will not tell him this, though. I feel guilty for not feeling the need for all this technology!

Kathy said...

I am thrilled! Yes, do you remember our text messages to you this summer on your phone?? You were so kind to call and explain, and then since we were only hours away from your house we just held on until we got to see you face to face!!! (Waaay better than texting!)

That said, congratulations, have fun learning new things! I love you!!!

Humble wife said...

I am not a phone person either because of my hearing issues, but I have chatted with you on your landline!!

We are solely cell users as both sides of family use the same carrier as well as our children and all our calls are free in house with a very low rate.

I love the camera too-and you can send the photo directly to your email!

Have fun

Oklahoma Granny said...

I always thought a phone was meant to be a phone and that's it. No camera, why text, etc. so it took me a long time to 'get with the program' too. I really do like my smart phone now though. It's additional capabilities have come in handy on many occasions. Our local service provider store (US Cellular) offers free classes on the 1st Saturday of every month and those who work there are always happy to help if we have questions.

Momma Roar said...

Me! Me! I want to come help you learn to use it. Well, I just want to come visit! :)

Mari said...

I have the same type of phone as your old one. Some day I'll get something with a few more options but i hate having a monthly bill for a cell phone. Enjoy yours!

Sunny said...

We do need to keep learning and growing. Keeps us young!
I hope to be coming down your way in a few weeks and will let you know as the time approaches but I think you will know as much by then as I do now about your new phone :)

Sylvia said...

One of the HUGE advantages of texting is that you can send a message or pray to someone at work etc who is in a really difficult situation when they're not free to talk. My sister in law, who is a busy doctor, values a quick communication when she wouldn't be able to talk and needs some contact. It's much easier than it looks Susan, but nothing beats face to face contact does it and a quick hug?

retha said...

May the learning be much quicker than the phone can recognise the letters typed. :o)

Ginger said...

I hear you Susan. We had a similar phone for years, but when Jenna's life changed last year we found ourselves picking up Jae's end of the phone bill. Along with that came a new phone for both of us. My new one is not as fancy as yours, but I do text everyday to Jenna and I love the camera feature. I hope once she is on her own again that I can get one with the internet being functional as well.

Hard to imagine, I was very content with what we had and now we don't even have a land-line anymore.

Kansas Bob said...

I love having a camera in my phone! Good luck with the new Phone Susan!