Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Does God Speak To You?


Of course, we know that God speaks to us: through His Word and through The Holy Ghost.  Sometimes He speaks to us through others who have just the Right Word for us at the right time.  Sometimes He speaks to us just through the beauty that our eyes behold, or the touch of someone in our lives, or the words or melody of a song.  God speaks to us in a myriad of ways.

One of the main ways God seems to speak to me is through "things".  Just mundane, everyday things.

Such was the case in the middle of the night

with these 2 very ordinary things!!!

This little alarm clock sits on my night stand, as does this TV remote.  In the middle of the night when I wake up, which is quite often, I press the little button on the top, which lights up the face of the clock, and I can see what time it is. 

I fell asleep Thursday night with the TV on watching the post debate remarks and commentary on FOX.  When I awoke I, as always, picked up the little clock and pressed the top to see what time it was.  Which at that time was around midnight.  Then I proceeded to turn off the TV.  At least I "tried" to turn off the TV.  I must have hit that button at least 15 or 20 times.  By this time Mickey had woken up and said, half asleep, "use the black one."

Duh!!!!  I had been trying to turn the TV off using the wrong equipment and getting very frustrated at "IT" because "it" wasn't working!!!

God spoke to me loud and clear through this silly, in the middle of the night, incident.......How often Susan, do you keep trying to get a desired result but using the wrong means?  And on top of that mistake, then getting frustrated when it does not work

I just love my God so much because He is constantly speaking to me, even in the smallest ways......if I will but listen!!!!!

What ways do God use to speak to you?
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Mari said...

I love how he does this too. Just this week as I was shoveling I was looking at the white landscape and was reminded of how God wipes our sins clean - like snow. Then I shoveled a little too far off the edge and scattered some dirt onto that fresh fallen snow and was reminded how we bring back to mind things that have been forgiven. It's us - and not God who brings that stuff back up.
Hope that rambling made sense!

Ginger said...

God usually uses this way to get my attention. I love it and find it very practical for me to remember the lessons taught to me through the small things in life.

Not sure if you remember, but I once blogged about how cat litter became a real message of cleaning up the garbage in a spiritual sense.