Friday, February 17, 2012

DOWN - But NOT Out

So, about the time I am determined to try and pay more time and attention to writing on this blog again Satan choose to attack me hard physically.  I have not been out of the house, or out of my pj's and off the couch (other than going to the Dr. as soon as I could get in on Monday morning) for the past week.  Not fun or pleasant.   I am still very weak and still won't be going out for awhile until I really get this one put under......BUT......NO weapon formed against me will prosper.  That's my Lord's promise to us, His children, and I stand firm on that.

Now on to the positive side.  I've certainly had a lot of time to think the past 7 days.  Sometimes God himself has to slow us down so we take a closer look at how we are spending our precious minutes, hours and days.  I can't say exactly all the adjustments I know God is asking me to make yet, but I know he'll show me and I'm ready to listen.  I know I've got to cut some things back, or out, in my life.  It has gotten where Mickey & I would not be home one single day or evening for weeks on end. 

One of the good things so far.....the juicer has come out of hiding on one of the bottom shelves, where it had been pushed WAY back, and we are juicing each day.  I also need to get back to more meal planning and preparation of wholesome foods and meals. Good eating takes time and planning.  One of the things that suffers when we get so busy is that and we also end up eating out far to often.

The things I do know that will stay in my schedule for sure are: 
 1) our morning bible study, reading and prayer time;
 2) my time commitment to the 2 private prayer groups God has directed me to set up;
 3) hosting the WOW Women Bible Study in our home every Tuesday evening;
 4) our commitment to faithful attendance to our local Church.

Almost everything in our lives that we are involved in are GOOD things and good causes but sometimes we have to weed-out some GOOD for THE BEST and I  know that is what God is calling on us to do.  

I do believe my recommitment to this blog was from God and that it is important for me to maintain Penless Writer. God gives me quite a few things that somewhere along the way never make it onto this page.  Here again, not giving the time, effort and thought into devloping those thoughts because of constantly being somewhere else, doing something else. 

Yes, Lord, you are the potter and I am the clay. I am thankful it is you that mold me and make me.
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Kathy said...

Oh Susan, I love this. I hear the Lord working, and I love how He's speaking to you. I'm right there with you, as you know! I am so glad you're posting today, just as you are....jammied and needing to rest....we'll take you however we can get you. As I read your list, I just have to concur with what the Lord is giving you to do. Hugs and love, Kathy

Sharon said...

Susan, prayers that you will get to feeling better real soon.
I am sure that the Lord is saying for you to take it slow.
I was glad to see you back and I sure do enjoy reading your posts.
Take care sweet one!!!

Marti said...

Praying that you will feel better ever day. Loved your insight. Have a good day.

Brenda said...

I agree. Sometimes doing God's business turns into plain ol' busy-ness. Also, having a false sense of responsibility to 'do' and 'go' can take us away from the important things the Lord wants from us. And sometimes that is just sitting at His feet.

Jillian, Inc said...

Glad you're feeling somewhat better, Susan. And I do agree sometimes the good Lord slows us down so we can reflect and regroup. Hugs to you!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am still standing fast with you. Satan has been attacking us as well with health issues and seemingly because we went to a great church. That afternoon afterwards was not pleasant at all! I try not to blame him for everything but at times you can't help but think it is his doing. Love and huggles and keep working on getting well.

retha said...

Good to read from you again Susan ma'am!

Sylvia said...

God ALWAYS uses bad things to bless us and a quiet time certainly enables Him to be able to speak to us when we're not rushing around. Really helpful blog Susan. Thank you. Praying for a total return to health and strength for you.

Denny said...

Distractions are easy to come by; a dime a dozen. The pull of the world is strong at times too. Nonetheless, making that time to be still is refreshing. I hope you feel better.