Wednesday, February 22, 2012


One of the results of being so sick this month has been digging out the juicer, that we used a number of years ago, that was buried deep within the cabinets.  We are determined to spend more time in planning and preparing what goes into these God given bodies of ours.  

You can see we have the Juiceman Jr.

The basic juice is carrot.  Here you see our 12 carrots and 4 apples that will be cleaned and cut to feed into the juicer.  This makes 2 servings - one for each of us.

 Here are the lush finished products.
Don't you love our happy Mickey Mouse glasses?!!!  These were a Christmas gift, probably 15 years or so ago, from our daughter, Jacque, when she lived in Florida.


 A few days later we decided to try an Alkaline combination
For two - 12 oz. grapefruit, 6 oz. lemon, & 14 oz. orange.
The finished product. 
 This was SO sour we will NOT be doing this one again.

The others we have tried so far are:  
Sunshine Salad - Apples & Strawberries. 
 Another Alkaline combo of  Carrot, Beet and Lettuce. 
All of them are do again, with the exception of that lemon!!
The Carrot juice is truly the best and so yummy.

An aside, when I was still working and we had just purchased the juicer and juicing Carrot juice several times a day our skin actually began to turn an Orange color and we decided we were over doing it!!!

Do any of you juice?  I'd love to hear about it if you do.

Please be nice and leave me a comment so I'll know I'm not just "talking to the wind".   
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Momma Roar said...

Talking to the wind? Now dear Susan, you know there are too many of us always reading! :)

We've never juiced, but I try to buy OJ for the kids (does that count?).

I'm not sure they'd like carrot juice. Some of those combos sound tempting!

Ginger said...

Alfred and Alicia juice as do Lindsey and Beto. Linds just started recently, but the other kids have done so since they married. I just saw several pounds of carrots in Alicia's fridge. I know they love blueberries as well.

Both couples belong to a farmer's sharing group where they get fresh fruit and veggies straight from the farmer and the girls let nothing go to waste. If they are not cooking it, they are juicing it.

Brenda said...

I have gotten back in the habit of juicing while doing my cleansing fast a month ago. It is really good for you. Hope you both are starting to feel better!

Shirley said...

I haven't juiced, but we do sometimes get on fruit smoothie kicks. The kids love them. Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Crystal said...

I'm still here reading along with you :) My DH would like to get a juicer and I must say I am getting used to the idea. Your combinations sound yummy!

Denny said...

I'm missing a part to my juicer and I know it's in a box somewhere. We used to do just straight orange juice and then mix in some yogurt or ice-cream like a creamsicle. I'm thinking carrot and pineapple might be good too.

retha said...

I 'wizz' up vegetables and fruit, we eat it like from a tumbler with a spoon. Ethan does not like it at all. Specially when we have not had enough vegetables to eat.
Also I try to do that using greens once a week.

Maxine said...

You know. I've never done it but I have often said I'd like to try this. Seeing those cute little glasses with that yummy looking liquid inside has put it in my mind again. The key is, acting on it.

Charlotte said...

We also have a juicer hidden away somewhere in our cabinets. We haven't used it in years either. Some day we should drag it out and use it again. I'm glad you're using yours again and hopefully the juice will be beneficial to your health.

weavermom said...

Hi Susan, I still read every day too!! I've never tried juicing, but I love my smoothies. I need a lot of protein so the yogurt helps me with that.

I hope you and Mickey are back to 100 percent very soon - praying for you!