Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crosses - Bird Houses - Blue Birds

There is a gentleman in our community that makes and gives away these white crosses to anyone who will put them in their yard.  I had gotten 2 of them from him a couple of years ago.  I have one in our front flower bed and one in my Scripture garden in my back yard.  Each cross is 2 feet high and the cross bar 1 foot wide.

I recently got 10 of them to give to the ladies of my WOW Bible Study group.  

I would love to see one of these crosses in every yard in Coweta and I know that is the vision of the man who makes them.

I commented recently on Mickey having 6 little blue birds in his birdhouse on fb and we had requests for Mickey to build 5 of them.

Mickey holding one of the birdhouses he just built.
 The birdhouse in our back yard that he watched the mother & father blue bird building their nest and then laying 6 eggs.
Last week the 6 eggs hatched into these 6 babies.  Mickey will watch them grow and fledge.  Watching God's creation gives him great joy.  

Just a few of the things that bless our lives.
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Shirley said...

Lovely! I hope you are able to let us watch the little birdies grow, too.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Aww the baby birdies are so cute. Those crosses are a wonderful idea!

Mari said...

Mickey does a fine job with those bird houses! It'll be fun to watch the birds gorw.
I think crosses in every yard would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Crosses are a wonderful idea.. I would like to have a couple for my front tree ring flowerbed.. Didn't know Mickey was into the bluebird house building...Is the entry hole so small the sparrows can't get in ???. Thanks for the post, Don

Barbara said...

I think it is wonderful when the birds choose to come and lay their eggs in our gardens. Just found some small pale blue spotted empty shells in my garden today. Sad.