Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Adventure

Here I am, getting set to head out to one of these exciting adventures of meeting a blog friend!

They had arrived here the previous evening.  
 This motel is new and I had never been in it before.  The entry area was lovely, as I'm sure the entire motel is.

NOW, for the good part:  
This is Sharon-she is from Nebraska and blogs under New Country Girl.  She is the 14th blogger I have been blessed to meet in real life.  As always I was not disappointed.  Even after 5 years and 4 months of blogging, it still amazes me the connections that we make via blogging.  

Sharon, and her son, DIL, and 2 grandsons made the trip to Tulsa as her granddaughter was graduating from Daniel Webster High School that evening.  That was interesting, as both Suzette & Jacque graduated from DWH many years ago!!.  This was Sharon's first time to visit Tulsa.  She had posted about the upcoming trip and I immediately contacted her and told her I'd love for us to meet if she could work it into their busy schedule.  Fortunately she did.

 We met at 9:30 and talked, and talked, and TALKED until almost noon.  I teased the waiter and asked him if they were going to charge us rent!  One thing I learned from talking with Sharon is how my referring to Coweta, where we live, as a small town needs to be put into a better reference.  Sharon lives in a small town, I think she said about 300.  I looked it up, after I got home, Sharon, and Coweta had a population of 9,943 in 2010.  A fact I now know, which I didn't !!, thanks to our visit. So compared to where Sharon lives, Coweta is not a little town.  The other things I learned is that Sharon has the prettiest pure blue eyes!!! and that she is very short!!

Sharon came bearing gifts!!!  I did not  :o( -  She gave me a lovely ribbon book mark that reads "A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17 and a refrigerator magnet that reads "Do not be afraid of tomorrow, for God is already there."  Thank you again, Sharon.

Sharon and I had already "connected" via the blog and now, thanks to actually getting to meet, that connection will be even deeper.

Thank you Father God for blessing me with these wonderful friends I would never have had except for Penless Writer.  I am grateful!!!

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Mari said...

Sharon is a sweetheart and you are so lucky to meet each other! I'm glad you got to spend that time together.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That sounds like a very wonderful visit.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a time of great blessing.

retha said...

Then it was two lovely ladies meeting. Pleased to hear this was such a good time.

(my verification word: branches yardscs. Sure you two are same branches in ONE yard.)

Annie said...

I was just thinking last night about meeting you and Mickey and thought how i want you to meet Isabelle some day. Glad you got to meet another blogger. Fun!

Kathy said...

I love this wonderful story. Thank you for sharing Sharon with us!!! We love you, Susan.

Ginger said...

I just love that you have had the opportunity to meet so many of us. I still have a list of those I pray I get to meet here on earth.

Kansas Bob said...

Love that you got to meet Sharon! Hoping that one day our paths will cross Susan.

Sharon said...

thank you for taking time to meet with me. It will be something I will never forever. You are so sweet!!!

Sharon said...

Susan I meant to say that I would never ever forget. You were such a real sweet person and I am so glad I finally got to meet with you in person.