Sunday, May 27, 2012


Now, what is this all about???!!!

I am quoting here from Connie's blog His Will And Not My Will  because this is there I got this great idea several weeks ago:  "I found an idea that I think might help encourage me and hopefully you also. Something that I can see from day to day. I put some colored Marbles in a glass. I put one for each pound that I still have to lose. I chose one color for these. "

Thank you Connie for posting this!  The minute I read it I thought: "Now that will work for me!"  I'm such a visual person and I just instantly connected with this idea.  You can just imagine the look on Mickey's face when I told him I wanted to buy some marbles!!  What??!!  So I explained the above.  For your information, finding marbles today is not that easy.  I did find some, not very pretty ones, at Dollar General but they'll work.

So I decided to set my goal at losing 20 lbs.  I need to lose more, but wanted to set a realistic goal that I truly believe I can reach.  So I got these two little canning jars.  Marked one: "To lose" and the other one: "Victory!".  I weighed on Saturday, May 12th, which was my starting weight and day.

One of the "rules" is you can only weigh once a week.  This has almost been as hard for me as watching what I'm eating!!!  My first week, Saturday the 19th I had lost 2 lbs.  YEAH!!!!  This past Saturday, the 26th, another 2 lbs.  YEAH!!!!!  So here are my two little jars, with my 16 lbs to go and my 4 lbs VICTORY!!  I think this will really work for me, because if I can'ts move a marble one week it'll jar me to "get with the program" and I am determined NOT to have to move a marble from my "Victory!" jar to my "To lose" jar.  That would be awful :o(

I am not actually doing any kind of "diet" just watching what I eat, eating more salads, cutting down on my breads, and mostly eating hardly ANY sweets, although I do allow myself a bit once in awhile!!  My biggest weight problem is snacking on cookies, sweets, chips, etc. during the day.  NO MORE on this losing this 20 lbs. 

I'm excited about this, because I know for me it is doable - One of the ladies in my Monday Bible Study I attend has lost 50 lbs the past year.  Seeing her has been a BIG encouragement to me.    

I got a great recipe for a Fat Loss Soup which I'll post the recipe later.

Accountability:  I not only have made myself accountable first of all to Mickey, but also to my WOW woman Tuesday night Bible Study at my house.  Even my son yesterday came in and looked to see how many marbles were in my Victory! jar.

Anyone want to join me????  If you do let me know and we'll keep each other accountable!! 


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Sylvia said...

Yes, I'll join you Susan. Have lost a bit this past year, but have just gained 7lb. For me, it's a spiritual thing as I want my eating to be intentional and not mindless and under His control. No picking and no eating between meals helps me! Will try and get some marbles but count me inl today! Well done on what you've achieved already.

Mari said...

I saw this idea a while back and liked it, but never made work of doing it. I think I need too!
I would love to join you. I've lost quite a bit over the last year, but have been stuck for several months now and need a restart!
Good for you for on a great start!

Just Mom said...

I saw this idea too (I think on Pinterest), and will be joining you. :-)

btw ... snacking at night is what gets me every time. When I stop doing that, that's when I lose weight. (That's how I lost 15 pounds before my hip surgery.)

retha said...


Pardon me this one was again so appropriate I can't ignore it; verification word - spectaculum!

Betty WSch. said...

Congratulations Susan! You are on your way. What helped me is tracking everything I eat. I use Have lost 27 lbs, so far, and hopefully I can lose the last 20 too.
Good luck!

Sylvia said...

Susan - found some beautiful marbles that my boys polayed with nearly 40 years ago!

Momma Roar said...

This is a great idea - and what a wonderful source of encouragement! Now, time to look for those marbles - so I can lose them! ;)

Brenda said...

That's a neat idea, Susan. I, too, like the fact that you can see the difference. I think that would be especially neat when you don't feel like you've lost weight right away. Seeing it in the jar would help. I might give it a go. I need to buy a scale first.
thanks for the neat idea.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Great idea, Susan! I need to lose pounds and starting with 20 sounds doable. Now I need to find some marbles.
Have a great day!

Sharon said...

That is a great idea and I am going to start on it.
Your recipes also sound so good and I copied them and I am going to give them a try.