Monday, August 13, 2012

a 2 z - G = GIVING UP

I am not one to give up ------- but I am GIVING UP on finishing this book.  

One day, while at my favorite Christian bookstore, I walked over to the "sale" book counter and saw this book.  The title caught my eye and upon seeing that it was discussing the 4 Horsemen of atheism:  Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris & Christopher Hitchens.  I decided to buy it and perhaps arm myself a little more with what they believe and say so that when confronted with the people who are caught up into this deception I would be better informed.

The book is 211 pages and after STRUGGLING, and oh my it was a struggle because what these type people believe is so against what I believe and what I know, in my heart of hearts and in my very Spirit, that at page 77 I said, "Enough!  I'm not reading one more page." and set it down.

I am an avid reader and I am usually challenged to finish any book I start but this one I just could not.  To me it was a total waste of my time because when it comes down to the bottom line.....either we believe THE WORD, The Holy Bible, in it's entirety or we don't believe in Jesus, because He is The Living Word that was made flesh.

What I am not GIVING UP on is my faith and trust in God, The Bible and my salvation by the blood of Jesus.......period.

How about you??!!!  What are you GIVING UP or not GIVING UP on?

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Mari said...

I hate to give up on books too, but it occasionally happens!
I'm not giving up on the marbles - it's been a fight, but I'm starting again!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Susan, I think I've given up on some of my blog reading. It's just been too much this summer to keep up and I've missed seeing what everyone has been doing.

I hate when I have to give up on a book, but it happens. I tried reading a book along the lines of the one you mention once. I couldn't get past the first two chapters. Ugh.

Did I ever mention that I read the Harbinger? Wow. I don't watch much tv, but I saw it was even advertised over the weekend. I think it is a book everyone should read! Your thoughts?

Btw, I'm never giving up on my faith in Jesus, either! It really disturbs me when I hear people who are supposedly Christians and go to church regularly say they don't really believe the bible is the literal word of God!

Have a wonderful week!

Mountain Mama said...

I understand. I have done the same thing a few times when I realize it is a waste of my time. There are some good books out there but there is so much in the Bible for us that we could spent our entire life reading only the holy word and we would still not know it all.