Friday, August 3, 2012

Hebraic Roots Conference

July 18-23 Mickey & I were blessed to be accompanied by our youngest son, Marc, on a trip to New Mexico to attend the 2012 Southwest Hebraic Roots Conference in Albuquerque which was July 20-22rd.   Since we were making the trip we decided to go earlier and spend a day in Santa Fe reminiscing about my childhood and showing it to Marc.  I blogged about our day in Santa Fe and am just now getting around to the purpose of our trip!!!

Our purpose in attending the Conference was mainly to hear Bill Cloud, one of the 20 speakers.  I was exposed to Bill Cloud's teaching back in January, 2009, when my church friend, Sandra, started a Home Bible Study, on his book Enmity Between The Seeds.  We recently got to hear him for 1 evening he was in our area. on a Sunday night.

The theme of the Conference was mishpocha (which is Hebrew for family).  There were a total of 20 speakers, as in addition to the nightly programs there were various Breakout Session on Saturday from 9:15-10:30 am & 10:45-12:00 pm and then 1:15-2:30 pm & 2:45-4:00 pm.  We were only able to hear 3 of the speakers:  Bill Cloud, Ed Harris, & Rico Cortes because we opted to hear Bill each time he taught.

DAY I -Friday - Registration & The Market Place opened on Friday, the 17th at 2 pm.  The main door opened at 5:30 with the blowing of the shofar!!!!! and a welcome celebration with husband & wife singers, Lenny & Varda

BANNERS that were the backdrop on the platform.

At 6 pm a man, woman, their young daughter (about 7) and small son (about 3 or 4) began the program with a Shabbat Ceremony.  My pictures are not very good but you can see him & his wife standing (with the young son between them) and the girl seated at the table.  This was such a wonderful presentation and so very moving. They  ended with Hine MaTov "The Lord will bless you........etc." and SHALOAM.

Next, was an Opening Ceremony with music, flags, and banners of the 12 Tribes of Israel and the large Torah carried in.  Varda is pointing to the Torah and singing as Lenny is playing the guitar. I love the Hebraic worship!!!!

Next was Worship by Mason Clover with his group, 4 young men total.  They began with singing Hine Ma Tov (How pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together), then; These are the days of Elijah - Adonai - El Shaddia - Holy Unto you.  Kadesh = holy.

While both Lenny & Varda & Mason Clover were preforming people were coming up to the front, forming circles on both sides of the platform and dancing.

The first speaker was a young black man, Ed Harris on "The Legacy of the Arrow" talking about raising children and our being the bow and our arrow the children. It was very good and informative.

Next was Rico Cortes, a Puerta Rican, on "Covenant Grants of our King".  I have to admit this was totally over Mickey & my heads!!!!

We did not get out of the conference until 11 pm.  A long, exciting, wonderful day.  Marc was not with us tonight at he met up with an old acquaintance for the day and dinner.

DAY II -Saturday- We did not go to the morning breakout sessions.  All three of us finally got to hear Bill Cloud at 1:15 pm when he spoke on "That the two may be One."  It was SOOO good.  The people kept pouring in to hear him and they had to keep bringing in more and more chairs.

We arrived just a little before 7 pm and John Myers of Jerusalem Institue for Justice was speaking.  They are doing a great work there in Jerusalem, especially reaching pros*sti*tues.  I was totally shocked with his report of what a serious problem that is and about the s*ex traf*ficing

At 7
Lenny & Varda lead praise and then did a Worship Presentation of Journey of the Bride.  We are THE BRIDE OF CHRIST.  That is the Hoopa which the people were all walking under at the end of the presentation
Marching toward the Hoopa with many Shoffars being blown.

Saturday night featured speaker Bill Cloud - "Unless the Lord Builds the House".  It was awesome.  He is one of the best teachers we've ever heard

DAY III -Sunday - The 3 of us were so tired that we opted to go out for Brunch at Denny's and skipped the  morning session at which Ed Harris spoke on "The Yes and No - How we can all simplity our relationships: and Rico Cortes "YHVH Our Suzerain King"

1 pm Lenny & Varda lead again in worship.  They were so good I bought one of their cd's "The Journey of the Bride"  Bill Cloud was again the main speaker on "Light in the Midst of Darkness".  I of course bought several of Bill's dvd's.  They did not have a copy of  his messages from the conference.  

It was a thrill to get to attend this Conference and learn more about our Jewish roots.  
"And don't get to feeling superior to those pruned branches down on the ground.  If they don't persist in remaining deadwood, they could very well get granted back in.  God can do that.  He can perform miracle grafts.  Why, if he could graft you - branches cut from a tree out in the wild -- into an orchard tree, he certainly isn't going to have any trouble grafting branches back into the tree they grew from in the first place.  Just be glad you're in the tree, and hope for the best for the others."Romans 11:24 The Message. 

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Ginger said...

Nothing like soaking up the Word with an amazing teacher. Haven't heard of Bill Cloud, but he must be good because I know you've heard plenty of amazing speakers.

Glad you had this chance to take in the conference and be blessed along with Marc.

Mari said...

What a wonderful conferance! I'm so glad you were able to go and share it with Marc and Mickey!

retha said...

See you had a good time and to have been able to share it with your family makes it twice as good.