Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A 2 Z Challenge - A


Time for me to share a birthday celebration AGAIN.  This time it is Marc's who turned 43 years of AGE. His birthday was August 2nd but we waited to celebrate until Saturday evening the 4th.

He said if he got his "dreathers" he'd like to go to Texas Roadhouse for his dinner.
The birthday person always get's their "dreathers" so off we go.  Top picture, sister Jacque, son Aric, mom Susan, dad Mickey & honoree/birthday boy Marc.  Our family is a little "smaller" this time with Suzette gone, Oksana living in Indiana, Jessica off to school at OU and Benny in Alaska but we 5 are strong and thick!!

Since they bring out a saddle for the Birthday person, and they have to get in the saddle for the birthday cheer and hoopla Marc might have been sorry he got those "dreathers"!!!  At first reluctant and not wanting to, I think from the smile on his face he enjoyed it.

After our wonderful meal we all headed to his home in Owasso for the Birthday Cookie and his gift.  As we left the restaurant we drove through a really heavy downpour of much needed rain and that was such a blessing. We didn't get one single drop at our home in Coweta.   

Dad giving his son his gift - when opened it was one of Mickey's old worn out shirts and old tie :o) but also a treasure map he had drawn.

Starting out from the entry hall, per the map
After several twists and turns - into the garage - where, after weaving through all the unpacked stuff in his 3rd car garage space, he was instructed to open the garage door

So he could see his gift - a painted lion for his yard.

Mickey & I had given Marc a plain, concrete lion 12 years ago, as a housewarming gift when he purchased his 2nd Tulsa home.  During the long 18 months of that empty house being on the market someone stole the lion.  Not knowing what to get him this year Jacque came up with the wonderful idea of seeing if we could find another lion.  I won't go through all that we went through finding this guy, but we finally did in Skiatook, a town about an hour away from Tulsa, and Mickey & I drove out there on August 1st and walked all over a HUGH area of statuary to find this beauty in 111 degree heat.  Talk about HOT and almost did us in ---- but when we saw this guy we knew he was Marc's

LEO the Lion
The Lion of Judah

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our youngest child.

  Thanks to my friend, Retha who is participating in this challenge, for the reminder. I am going to once again participate in the A to Z challenge at Patty's.  I needed this to get back to posting daily.

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Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Marc! I love reading of your family gatherings - the love is evident!

retha said...

An hour to get a gift! That is wow.

A tradition happened in our house where we hide the birthday gift and it is found from clues to clue. Susan ma'am I have never before met anyone I have so many similarities with.