Sunday, September 9, 2012

NEW Real Christianity Small Group Class

Fall has arrived, the kids are back in school, and we began our 2nd Book in Real Christianity Small Group this morning.  

THE CIRCLE MAKER, by Mark Batterson, is a book that was given to me by a friend back in July.  It is one of the best books on PRAYER that I have read so when I was discussing with our Pastor Steve, as we were winding down the study on The 10 SECOND RULE, I knew immediately this was the book The  Lord was leading us to do for the next study.   Kent readily agreed.  

Pastor Steve felt it would be best to not start this study until after Labor Day, to give the church time to promote all the Small Groups (that's the flyer at the top of the page that was in the bulletin each week and on the video presentations before each service),  and get the summer behind us and lives returning a little back to normal after summer vacations.  The 10 Second Rule study lasted 15 weeks - we spent the three remaining weeks in between  1) having a group breakfast, 2) Kent presenting the history of the man responsible for the salvation of Reinhart Bonke's parents, and consequently Reinhart's great work of evangelism in South Africa and 3) my presenting a 16 Point Self-Evaluation developed by John Wesley and first published in 1730!!  Amazing how 282 years later we are still dealing with the same issues.  Example:  Question #1 - Am I consciously or unconsciously creating the impression that I'm a better person than I really am?  or #12 - Did I handle discouragement well or did I have to be coddled?  

So, today we are up and running on this new 18 week book study.  We had 33 present today..25 from the first class and 8 brand new people joined us, plus we had 3 of our class working in other areas of the church during small group class today and another new couple who told me they will be coming but were on vacation this week.  So we should have a class of 38 - 10 new & 28 continuing.

I am thankful that God keeps moving us forward!!!  He does not want us to rest on the Manna of yesterday but enjoying His new teaching and provisions for today.  Kent & I are excited about this new study and what God has in store for this group He has called together for these next 18 weeks.

If you live in, or near, Coweta, and do not have a church home, or you actually attend Coweta Assembly and have not joined a small group yet we invite you to come, see & taste!!!.  
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Mari said...

That book is on my need to read list. I've heard good things about it from several people. I love hearing how God is blessing your studies.
PS - You mentioned the book 'The Harbinger' and we were really wowed by it. It's amazing how that prophecy is being fulfilled in our present time. That book is now making the rounds in our church.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Susan, just here to say Hello! dear friend Hello!

hugs Lee-Ann

retha said...

Can see you will be busy this coming few months.