Saturday, November 24, 2012

80 YEARS YOUNG - November 24, 1932-2012

The best kept secret is about to be unfolded and revealed.

The guests have arrived, the table is laden with delicious finger foods and Mackie is tending the food table.  Mackie is the precious woman that let me highjack the Young At Heart meeting as a cover for this entire venture.

 The banner is hung, Phyllis & Tanya are ready to serve the punch and the guest book has been signed by the guests.
Mickey & I entering (sorry the picture is so dark).  He was TOTALLY surprised and the tears came to his eyes as it starting registering on him that ALL these people were here to honor him.
 Mickey went around both sides of the 2 long table set-up greeting each & every person who had come.
 Greeting his dear friend, Ronnie Young.  Ronnie is the one who came and mowed the grass and did so much for us after Mickey's heart bi-pass surgery 4 years ago.  Also the one who got him involved in Bee Keeping and whom he still helps on occasion.  They also work in Royal Rangers together with the young boys of our church.  
 Another shot of the crowd finally eating. 
 The family at the head table, Benny, Son-in-love Dave, Eldest Son David (who flew in from San Francisco unannounced for the event) Grandson Aric
 Daughter Jacque greeting her beloved father.
 Youngest son Marc (who helped pull this surprise off from the very start), our granddaughter Oksana (who Marc flew in from Indiana for this surprise) and grandson Aric. 
 Mickey with his 2 1/2 year younger brother Jerry (who drove in from Nashville)
 This isn't too clear but Jeanne, (who hosted this wonderful event and literally made it happen) is on the stage with the mic as the crowd plays Mickey Trivia and she throws candy bars to the ones with the right answer!  In the background playing, during the entire evening, is the video presentation our son Marc put together with pictures I selected depicting Mickey throughout his life.  The background music on the video was "Why Me Lord" by Vern Jackson.  This is Mickey favorite song and one he relates to.
 Mickey & Susan just prior to the cutting of the cake.
The party carried over into the small group Real Christianity class Kent & I teach on Sunday mornings.  We served left over birthday cake, more cards were brought, by those who weren't able to make the party, and
  Jasmine & Sean brought him this silly cap.

Thanks so much to the more than 80 people who showed their love and affection to this wonderful man I have been honored to call husband for 54 years. 

I LOVE YOU FOREVER, MICKEY JOYCE, and that is no SURPRISE to any and all who know us!!!! 
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Mountain Mama said...

What a wonderful surprise!!! The pictures of Mickey and his brother are very special. I love all the love. And what a precious group of friends to come celebrate. I'm so glad it was such a huge success. Mickey looks absolutely thrilled.

retha said...

True the picture is special.
Jason's response when I told him; but the Sir does not look that age.
Happy to 'see' Dave there.

Crystal said...

What a great way to honour such a special man - it looks like such a special party! You are so thoughtful and loving, Susan. And to have the pictures up so quickly is wonderful :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration! Great photos!

Sharon said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Mickey.
It sure does look a good time was had by all. I am glad that you pulled it off. How wonderful that your son and gd got to fly in to help make it even more special for him.
You look wonderful girl!! Mickey sure does look young also.
Hugs to you both.

Brenda said...

How fun to see your surprise party for Mickey! You are truly blessed!