Thursday, December 13, 2012

13th Book for 2012 - The INVESTED LIFE

The Invested Life by Joel C. Rosenberg & Dr, T, E, Koshy is my 13th and final book to finish for the year 2012.  I began this book in October, at the Monday morning bible study I have been going to for almost 3 years.  I felt I had to cut out an activity as I was just getting too many things on my plate so I dropped out of the group even before we began it at the study and set it aside.  Then several weeks later I decided to go ahead and read it on my own.  It has not been one of those "can't put down books" so I have just been reading it along as I could and finally finished it this morning.

The subtitle is "Making disciples of all nations one person at a time".  While I can't say the book covered much that I didn't already know and was acquainted with it was a good "refresher" as to the importance of each one of us taking upon ourselves to both 1) be discipled & 2) discipling on a one-on-one or small group basis.  

I began co-leading a small group Sunday school class each Sunday on May 6th of this year and I have hosted a Tuesday night Bible Study in my home since January 18, 2011.  The thing that blesses me the most is that I have found the one who leads has to prepare and I learn something new each and every time.  I love reading and I love studying THE BIBLE and other related material.  I truly believe in "Studying to show myself approved.  A workman that needed not to be ashamed.", as The Word instructs us.  The Lord has also blessed me with such wonderful, strong Christian woman to grow and expand with.  

I would encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, either on a one-to-one basis or in a small group class setting, in being discipled and discipling.  

I would love to hear feedback on your feeling and/or experience in this area of Christian service.

I look forward to the books The Lord will place before me in 2013 and will be reporting about them.

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Sharon said...

I have disciplined myself to keep up with the book that you sent me. There are days I think not now but then I find it so rewarding after a long hard day. Thanks again for that wonderful book.

Pam Rios said...

Good for you Susan! I'm so proud of you for getting in so much reading. I only read about 6 books this year. I used to do better than that.

so true, we need to win this lost world if we want a better nation/world!