Wednesday, December 26, 2012


December is always a very busy month for us - It always began with celebrating Suzette's birthday on the 13th.  Then Jacque's on the 22nd & granddaughter, Jessica, on the 23rd, and mine on the 25th.

It has been our custom, over the last # of years. for us "girls" to have lunch out and then go get manicure & pedicures.  This year was a little sad because, first we did not have Suzette with us, second Jessica went to Dallas for a football game, and Oksana was not with us this year. 

SO----I picked up Jacque for lunch but had not told her I had also made appointments for our manicures & pedicures.  When she got in the car I told her about the appointments.  She looked at me like--what???  "Mom, you know I can't get a pedicure with my broken foot!!"  Oopps!!!!  That had not even registered with me so she has a "raincheck" for those when her right foot is completely healed.

Off to lunch we went at The Apple Barrel and when they found out it was her birthday she was served this complimentary nice big piece of cheesecake with strawberries.  We had a wonderful visit and talk and of course shed some tears over it just being the 2 of us - sob-sob.

My gift to her, was a pair of sterling silver conch style earrings with black onyx stones in the center.  forgot to get a picture) I had bought these for her while in Santa Fe in September and I told her these were to go with the sterling silver conch belt I have that will be hers someday.  

Then I took her shopping at Bass Pro, since she had a little more Christmas shopping to finish and of course can't drive!!
I OWE YOU ONE manicure & pedicure Jacque :o) 

 This is our wonderful friend, Ronnie, and his youngest grandson, Cody, all dressed up like Santa Clause with the bread and sweet rolls he had just picked up from Pan*era Bread for The King's Kitchen, after school tutoring program, and to distribute where needed.  What a blessing each week to our church and others.

 This was Marc, with his dirty Santa Christmas gift from his work party.  He assured, or would it be warned, everyone this lovely item will make a return visit at the 2012 Christmas party!!!

Every year our church has Missionary Christmas.  We "adopt" a special Missionary family to come and we have a party and bless their socks off with gifts. This year was Wednesday, December 19th.
 The tree laden with gifts
 The Mission Family Elizabeth & Brad Ward (on each end) and Denise & Teddy Wyatt (our Church members who head up this project in the cente)r.  The Wards also have 3 children, Luke, Jacob & Felisha who were present but not in this picture.  The Wards will soon be going to Chili as Missionaries.
 Our small group Real Christianity collected enough money to purchase this iPod for them as our gift to them. 

Last, but not least, on Tuesday night, December 18th the WOW Woman Bible Study celebrated with a little Christmas Party and a dirty Santa gift exchange.
(left to right) Cindy W, Christina, Kathy, Susan, Jeanne, Phyllis, Glenda, Jennifer, Sandra & Connie.
It was a fun evening, away from our studies, to eat too much and have a really good time.  I love these woman.  They bless me each and every Tuesday evening with their presence. 
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Mari said...

Looks like you've been busy, but with so many good things. I love the dirty Santa gift and I know Marc will enjoy regifting that one.

Brenda said...

Looks like you have extra fun during the Christmas season with all the birthdays to celebrate. Sorry it wasn't the same as usual for you. Thank God new memories can still be had, right?

retha said...

Lots of fun.
Good that you two went out for the day even though it worked out differently, ma'am. What a privileged for the two of you to enjoy each other!