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Next to our love for our Triune God, is our love of Family and celebrating together on any and all occasions.  Christmas has always been a BIG celebration in my life and even dating back to when my parents, Henry Harrison & Pauline Errett, would always come from New Mexico to celebrate with us. 

This was the 2nd year that Marc hosted our gathering at his & Aric's lovely Owasso home.

The weather forcasts were for perhaps as much as 8-10" of snow arriving by mid-afternoon.   Mickey & I arrrived about 9:30 a.m. to help set up.  I had even brought my toothbrush, pj's and sweats in case the storm did come and we had to stay overnight, rather than chancing the 40 mile drive home on icy, snowy roads.  

 The table is all set and ready before the others arrive for our noon meal.
 Jacque, Benny & Jessica arrive first.  Jacque had bought Santa hats for each of us.  Tiger stripes for the guys and leopard spots for the gals.  Jacque also brought her dad this bright turquoise double "pot holder" because "I'm tired of every time I see you, your hands being burned from The King's Kitchen",  He has strick orders to take it and keep it with our kitchen supplies at the church!! 
 Everyone with their Santa Hat's on
(left to right) Guest Denise, Son-in-love Dave, Benny, Daughter Jacque, Granddaughter Jessica
(standing) Dad Mickey, Grandson Aric, Son & Host Marc
 Same grouping with Mom Susan in the standing group and Marc taking the picture.
 At the table and getting ready to eat - Mickey, Marc, Denise, Dave, Aric, Benny, Jessica, Jacque.
Please note 3 of the guys, Marc, Dave & Aric have already removed their Santa hats!!!!  BAD!!!
 Same table grouping but with Susan in this one and Marc taking the picture.

When Marc first offered to host the celebration he was going to have a meal catered in for us but Benny & Jacque decided they wanted to cook so we'd have left overs. Our menu was as follows:
Jacque & Benny:  Turkey Breast & Spiral Ham & Benny's famous green bean casserole.
Mickey & Susan:  Susan's homemade family recipe of Cornbread Dressing, rolls & cranberry sauce.
Marc & Aric:  Yummy mashed potato's fixed with sour cream & cream cheese, coffee and multiple choice soft drinks - & Sparking Grape Juice both Red & White
Dave & Denise:  2 plates of assorted home made cookies & candies.
In other words a GRAND FEAST and left overs for everyone!!

Prayer offered by Mickey, as always.

I had drawn Jacque's name and she had told me she'd like a Nut Cracker to add to her small growing collection.  The above 2 pictures is her opening it.  I also gave her a $45 Penney's gift certificate.

The family had decided this year to draw names and spend a $100.  Most people ended up getting gift certificates so there was not a lot of actual "gift package" openings.  Marc did get a high dollar cologne he wanted from Benny (sorry no picture) but with the comment from his sister Jacque, "You sure have expensive taste in cologne."  and of course we all bought Aric and Oksana individual gifts.

Missing from this Grand Celebration were Oksana, in Indiana, and David, in California.  Since both of them had just flown in for Mickey's 80th Birthday surprise November 17th it wasn't possible to come again so soon.  Both Oksana first and then David called and everyone got to speak with them and exchange our Merry Christmas wishes.  

Jessica drew my name and it also being my birthday I am going to do a separate post on my wonderful surprise.

Trust you ALL had a wonderful time with your family as we celebrated the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ. 

P.S.  We left for home about 5 o'clock.  It snowed not ONE FLAKE in either Owasso, Tulsa or Coweta although the areas both North & South of us got lots of snow and very haphazard driving conditions.  

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Ginger said...

So thankful you had a wonderful day of family. Of course we had not planned on any of the kids this Christmas and ended up with all of them except Alfred who is home working in hospital and spending time with his family. What a blessing to add Beckham this Christmas and even though the day was spent in the hospital it was a day of joy.

We did get snow in Dallas and Dave and I were amazed that an inch of snow shut everything down. The highways were full of accidents and we had to take back roads home from the hospital. Obviously Michigan is prepared for winter snow and Dallas is not. We were safe and the next morning the roads were clear, but there is still snow on the ground.

Mari said...

What a wonderful day! I can see the love you have for each other in your pictures.
We had the unusual happening of a green Christmas in Michigan. (The snow and ice came yesterday instead)

retha said...

Certain that snow was kept away on purpose!
You have beautiful hands Susan ma'am. As always I love seeing you All together and how you like being together. And Marc's table is a perfect place to have you all visiting.

Pam Rios said...

oh what fun! Those hats are amazing! I want one, really!! ;) I love the spacious rooms in your son's home and those high ceilings!