Friday, January 4, 2013


Wrinkles and all!!!!  Unposed for sure :o)

Aging, like so many things in life, is a something all of us have, or will face if we are blessed to live to an older age.  Have you noticed that as people get older they seem to get nicer with age, or get grumpy, sour and negative.  I have observed that which ever our basic outlook is seems to get set, as it were in stone, the older we get.

I had a father that was 52 years old when I was born and yet he never seemed "old" to me because of his attitude.  My mother was 21 years younger than my father so I grew up and learned at a very early age that AGE had more to do with attitude than the number of years one had lived.

While still in my early 20's Mickey & I moved next door to a couple in their late 80's who were such a joy, so happy and plesant and so much fun I determined right then and there "That is how I am going to be when I'm that old."    We are now 75 & 80 and we are busy, alive, well and as I often refer to us "re-cycled teenagers."  WE are the only ones we have any control over our attitudes and our outlook I life.

Just a few months after I started Penless Writer in 2007 I blogged about In This Skin which were my views on aging.  These are still my views, even though I am now even 6 years old.

I remain determined to live life seeing the glass 1/2 full, instead of 1/2 empty, and to be young at heart .  Trust me, it's the best way to live..........and we know it by experience!!

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Jayley and Rue said...

Susan, I am new to the blogging community, but I have known you and Mickey for some time now, and have grown to love you both dearly!
I can testify that you certainly do have a personality of youthfulness about you both! That's one of the things I love most about being in your presence!

I admire you both- for who you are as individuals, for how dedicated and devoted you are in your marriage, for the beautiful example you both set at our church, for the legacy you are leaving for every person who has ever had the privilege of receiving the Love you pour out onto others, and certainly for the example you leave as you live your lives as best you can to be fully devoted to Christ!

I thank you both and I am forever grateful to our Lord for BLESSING me with such wonderful friends to experience life with!!


Psalm 92:12,14!! :)

Mari said...

As someone who works with older people, I can attest that all you've said is true.
I also decided some years back to keep a positive attitude, because it makes such a difference!

Shannon Bee said...

Good post! I enjoy reading about the things you get up to. It's a good outlook not only to have on ageing but on life, I like to keep a similar attitude... even though I'm only 18 :)

Humble wife said...

Oh I so see you as young. I am always amazed when you post your ages. I am thankful that you share your life, your kindness, and yourself with the Light as it allows the blog world to have neighbors like you and Mickey did all those years ago.


retha said...

I put my thanks here too.
Been thinking about smiley and grumpy older people, the why and how. Every time my conclusion comes back to what a person decides. Good to hear from someone with experience that it is true.

Pam Rios said...

I love you and Mickey Susan, even though we've never met in person. I think the reason I feel like we are old friends, besides the fact we both love the Lord, is due to your positive attitude and gift of encouragement.

Kansas Bob said...

"AGE had more to do with attitude than the number of years one had lived"

What a great perspective! Love your thoughts Susan!

Crystal said...

You remind me so much of my parents - involved, sharing, loving. And you are right - attitude determines our happiness and our response. Take care, my friend!