Thursday, January 3, 2013

WOW - I cannot believe it!!!  January 21st is my blogiversary - 2007 - 6 years blogging.


It's time for a give-away drawing to celebrate
You know how I love to celebrate.

Here are the instructions:  From this post, on until January 21st, everyone who leaves a comment on my blog post will be entered~One entry per day.  Then on January 21st I will put all the names in a basket & draw the winning name.

Now you know, since I am such a reader and love reading so much I am going to offer a book!!!!  Except this time it will be THREE books.

 First this Daily Devotional - Jesus Calling - Enjoying peace in His presence

 Second, a Journal for you to record what you've gotten out of the Daily Devotional or other things on your heart that day.

3rd - You choose any ONE of the three books below



Okay, it starts today, so get on board and leave a comment on this post and each post up through 8 a.m. (cst), January 21st when I'll draw out the winning name.  

Let's celebrate & let's get closer to God during 2013.

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Betty W said...

Happy early blogiversary Susan!! You and me are long time blogging friends and I'm glad I have you on my reading list.
I hope you are able to continue blogging for a long time to come.

retha said...

Now I want to go back and see when we met.

Sylvia said...

My - love the titles of those books. So appreciated the Andrew Murray book I won last time. Feel that disqualifies me from entering again. Happy anniversary Susan - your blog has honoured Him every time and encouraged so many

Sunny said...

I am with you on the celebrate and getting closer to the Lord! That last book sounds interesting, something on my level of understanding, haha!
What a nice way to celebrate your blogiversary, sharing with others!God bless you, Susan.

Mari said...

Happy Bloggoversary! I really appreciate your posts and am so glad I met you here.
The giveaway is such a nice one, and something that is typical of you in that it will help whoever wins to grow in Christ!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy Anniversary coming up! 6 years of blogging is quite an accomplishment. And what a wonderful giveaway! Anyone would be delighted to win these wonderful books.

Pam Rios said...

OK sing with me! "Happy blogoverary to you, Happy blogoversary to you..." SIX years, wow. I need to go check mine and see how long I've been at it! I love the book choices! I hope I win the drawing. I think I'll take "Soul Detox" if I win!