Tuesday, January 15, 2013

COWETA - The small community we call home

Mickey & I are "transplants" to Coweta.  A community that boasts many families of 3 or 4 generations.  But from day one, we have always felt accepted and loved our adopted home.

In 1997, when Mickey retired, I took a 6 month leave of absence and we loaded up in our 5th wheel camper and headed for Alaska.  We sold our larger home in Tulsa, where we had raised our family, stored all the furniture and planned to do a lot of travel and not buy another home for awhile.

But, after the first Christmas and I couldn't have the big Christmas family dinner, or the big tree, etc. etc. I told Mickey I had to have a "home" that was mine and I knew we could come home to.  We had loved the atmosphere of many of the small towns we had visited and decided we wanted to buy NEAR Tulsa, to be by our kids, but not in Tulsa.  Thus began the hunt for the right smaller home in a small community.  It was daughter Suzette who called one day with the address of this home in Coweta that was not on the market but owned by a girl she worked with, and her mother, who were thinking of selling.  We drove by it.  Liked the outside and called to make an appointment.  The minute we walked in the front door, I KNEW it was my house, and we literally bought it on the spot in March of 1998.  

Coweta is a very patriot town and it is not unusual for all these flags to be flying on Main Street and around the town for various Holidays.

It is basically a rural unpretentious place and so it would not seem strange to see something of this sort on the main downtown street.

There is a big Fall Festival each year when the entire community comes out for rides and especially to EAT at the many food booths.

The 2 water towers right down town by the fire station.  You can see by the building on the left the older construction of the down town buildings.

This had been the main entrance into town forever but with the growth of traffic was becoming a safety hazard.

So a couple of years ago the old narrow overpass was torn down and replaced by this new one.

 Our little 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, brown stone with 2 car garage  "just right" smaller house for our retirement years that we call home-sweet-home.
This little home hosts a small Woman's Bible Study group every Tuesday night called WOW Woman (Woman of the Word)

Coweta Assembly where we attend church & 
Share in ministry with The King's Kitchen which Mickey started 3 years ago,
 Lead Real Christianity Small Group class on Sunday mornings with Kent Rife,
Mickey leads the 4th grade Royal Ranger boys on Wednesday nights,
enjoy and participate in all the many & varied events & activities that this wonderful, reaching out to the community Church offers.

If you are EVER in our neck of the woods, please be sure to drop in and visit us, our home or our Church.  We would LOVE to have you!!!

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Brenda said...

I almost thought these were pictures of our little town. I know your population is probably much larger, but your Main street looks a lot like our along with the water tower. I love living here.
And someday we will come for a visit!

Mari said...

I know that we would also love Coweta. It reminds me a lot of the small town we live in. If we are ever nearby we would be sure to visit!

retha said...

Not just visit if we could, we will move there at the drop of a hat.
We have been trying for years to move out of the city, 'but were hindered' up to now.

Sylvia said...

Looks so nice Susan - and what a blessing you hae both been to your community.

Crystal said...

That was a lovely tour! And I liked hearing the story of how you've come to call this place home.

Barbara said...

Fun to tour your neighbourhood Susan.