Wednesday, January 16, 2013


When we hear or know someone who is going through a tough time or trial, we so often want to "fix it".  But that power is God's. We were given the ability and power to pray, based not on our emotions or will but solely upon The Word of God, the scriptures.

When reaching out to someone who is hurting sometimes words are not needed.  Just our presence, gentle touch, caring smile and even shared tears is what is needed. There are many times there are no words.  Even when we cannot be there in person this can be conveyed with a card or fb comment.  I know during our struggle with Suzette's illness and death quite often someone just posting "((((((hugs)))))" on my update meant so much and let me know they understood and cared. (Even as I type this the tears are flowing as I recall those times and the emotional and Spiritual pain we were going through and what those understanding (hugs) meant.)

Likewise, the knowledge that MANY prayers are going up for us, for our loved ones, to our God is a comfort that only those who have been blessed in such a way can truly understand.  Surely, we are carried by others prayers and the peace of God that passeth understanding enfolds us.

Then the joy of celebrating, and shouting Hallelujah and Praise the Lord when victory comes.  Even when the outcome is not what we had hoped for, prayed for, believed for, there is the knowledge that God is Sovereign and we realize when we get to Heaven we will not ask "why?" but will say "of course!" because we will see the entire picture and Gods Sovereign plan.  

For those of you who I know that are going through a difficult trial just know - I care.

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Mari said...

This is a wonderful post Susan. The caring and prayer is one of the things I really appreciate about blogging and FB. When Andy was in Afghanistan I know that it was the prayers of others that kept me calm because I wouldn't have been in my own strength. My Dad's recent illness is another example of many people caring and praying.
Thanks for being such a caring and praying person!

Brenda said...

Thank you Susan. I know you do! I like what you said that we'll say, "of course" instead of "why"! I've never heard it that way before. Neat!
((((hugs)))) ;)

Barbara said...

So right. We have just been to the funeral celebration of a friend who passed away having had prayers for healing over and over. those who were with her in her last hours felt it was such a privilege to experience them with her. Her celebration service was an amazing time in the presence of God as the Holy Spirit filled the chapel and a sense of the presence of angels. Prayers certainly answered.