Monday, January 7, 2013


Some time ago I ordered The Diabetic Four Ingredient Cookbook.  A friend of mine loaned me hers and I liked it so well I ordered me one.  I tried 14 of the recipes, all of which were very good, except for 1 I considered "so-so".  One of them I have even taken to several pot-luck meals and everyone raved about it. They are easy & they are healthy.   Then, I put the book on the bookshelf....and there it has stayed....

Until December 31st I pulled it out to start the New Year out right making good healthy foods for Mickey and I (actually right now it's only Mickey because I'm on a 7 day cabbage diet, and then my 2 fasting Tuesdays means I'll join him on January 10th).

I fixed the first one January 2nd and it looked so good, and Mickey said it was delicious, so I'm sharing it here.

Beef Stroganoff
(1) 1 1/2 lbs Lean Round Steak (cut in 1/4" strips)
(2) 2 T Dry Onion Soup Mix
(3) 1 Can (6o oz) Sliced Mushrooms
(4) 1 Cup Fat Free Sour Cream

Brown round steak in skillet.  Add soup mix and can of mushrooms with liquid to skillet.  Heat until bubbly.  Slowly add sour cream and cook until thoroughly heated.  Good served with noodles.  6 Servings - Calories 161 (add extra for the noodles)

Beef Stroganoff is one of our families favorites and I also serve it a lot to guests so for this healthy version to be good enough for me to blog about it...... Mickey said it was very good, and yes, he felt I could serve it to the kids for a special occasion.  

Try - Enjoy - Let me know!!!!
  (oh shoot - I didn't take a picture :o()

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Sharon said...

Oh Susan I am first,
Your soup so so good I am going to try it because hubs has diabetes and I need to start eating healthier also.
Thank you for sharing and I wish you lots of luck on your diet.

Mari said...

It sounds really good and I bet it would work well in the crock pot.

retha said...

We do not get fat free sour cream here. Might try making this with full fat sour cream anyway.

retha said...

Meant to add, or using yoghurt.

Kansas Bob said...

I love Beef Stroganoff. Thanks for the recipe idea!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Yum! Sounds good and I'll be trying it. Thanks, Susan, for sharing the recipe. I've just been talking about the Cabbage Soup Diet with a friend of mine...thinking of doing that one myself. She gave me the recipe years ago and I really liked it.

Sunny said...

The recipe sounds good! I agree with Mari... good crockpot meal!