Friday, January 18, 2013

JANUARY - A month for beginnings in my life

Yesterday I posted of the 3rd Year Anniversary of the ministry of The King's Kitchen which Mickey began and the first meal was sent out to the shut-ins on January 17, 2010.

On January 18, 2011, 1 year and 1 day later I began a Woman's home bible study called Woman of the Word, or WOW Woman for short.

Yes, the yoke is easy and the burden made lighter when sharing with a close knit group of woman week after week in my home every Tuesday night at 6:30. 

WOW started that first evening with 12 woman, and we continue to run 10 to 12 woman each week, although some of the faces have changed as some have left and others have come in. 

Over these past 2 years we have studied 3 different books: 
 1) Born For Battle by Arthur Mathews
2) Crazy Love by Francis Chan
3) Power of Blessing by Kerry Kirkwood
4)  Emnity Between the Seeds by Bill Cloud

We have one remaining chapter in our Bill Cloud book which we will complete on January 22nd.  Then we are going to spend several weeks with various ones, who wish to do so, teaching a lesson that God puts on their heart for this group.  We have not chosen another book to study yet but we know God will lead and direct us as He always had.  

I am humbled, thankful and blessed to be able to have these special woman sharing in my life.  Believe me, we uphold and encourage each other and we laugh together, we cry together and we share as we seek God each week individually and collective in our lives.

Do you belong to a home Bible study?  Have you ever belonged to one?  Do you think maybe God wants you to start one?  I would encourage you to ask HIM and then be obedient if HE leads you to do so.  YOU will be the one blessed most!     

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Mari said...

I'm in a small group that meets weekly. We've done a lot of Beth Moore studies and just started her Daniel study. It's a blessing for sure!