Saturday, January 19, 2013


This past Tuesday evening I attended a meeting on The Essential Oils of the Bible.  To be truthful, I really did not have much interest but several of the woman who attend WOW Woman at my home on Tuesday evenings were wanting to go so we cancelled WOW and went.

The interesting part was several weeks ago I had been thinking about "Medicine".  I went to a new dentist recently and as I was filling out the long questionnaire about my medical history:  what ailments had I had & what medications I was currently taking, etc. I realized how extremely healthy I am since, other than a few aches and pains of my aging body, I have no health issues and I do not take any prescription medicine and only seldom even an over the counter aspirin or sinus medicine.  

I thought about how almost everyone else I know, including Mickey with his heart, are all on some type of medicine.  I decided to do some research and see exactly what The Bible, and my Strong's Concordance,had to say about medicine. 

I was truly stunned to find only these 4 references: 
Proverbs 17:22  - Strongs 1456 "a cure"
Ezekiel 47:12     - Strongs 8644 "a remedy"

Jeremiah 30:3 & Jeremiah 46:11 - Strongs 7499 "heal"

I'd been mulling this over in my mind.  Then Tuesday night, when I just "happened" to find myself at this meeting, I learn that The Bible speaks of Essential Oil 191 times (and only 5 of these are in reference to Olive oil).

Seems like this is something I certainly need to check out, ponder, mull over, and give a lot more thought to.  I intend to.
God is directing me back to my Hebraic Roots on so many levels and it is an exciting journey. 

Wondering what your knowledge & interest of Essential Oils.

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Susan said...

I use essential oils at times, particularly Lavender which is calming and relaxing. Rosemary for instance is stimulating. Peppermint is good to stimulate the senses and of course we all know that menthol and eucalyptus open up the airways. I used essential oils as a masseur. So many Christians are superstitious of herbs and their oils but they have been used as medicine for thousands of years and as you say they are mentioned in the Bible in a positive way. Many of them are anti-bacterial too (aloe vera for instance).
I think it is because of their misuse (say in witchcraft) that scares people. Then Digitalis that comes from the Poppy can be used to save a life of someone with heart trouble or it can be used as a lethal drug. Somewhere in the Bible it says that God put herbs in the ground for our use.
What about Frankincense and Myrrh. One used to help eliminate bad smells and the other one helps with a heightened sense of awareness which is why they are used in high Anglican churches and Catholic churches too I think and not forgetting them as gifts to Jesus and his family. Hope this helps. Barbara

Barbara was not able to post this comment here and e-mailed it to me so I am pasting it here.

Brenda said...

I have read about the beneficial qualities and intend to try my hand at a small herb garden along with my regular garden. I do use a type of skin dressing made with herbs and drink herbal teas targeted to specific ailments.
It's funny to me how, as Barbara stated, so many Christians think it's superstition because of the misuse so they 'throw the baby out with the bath water' yet run to the Dr. with an ailment that could be cured through herbal healing (or good nutrition, but we won't go there!) Ever read the ingredients of cough medicine? Added benefit, herbs used properly do not cause damage to the body. (think a commercial: 5 seconds product, 30 seconds side effects--and that's talking really fast!)

Mari said...

I find this very interesting. Many medications come from herbs and plants. I think if we can use natural things and as Brenda said - good nutrition - we are much better off!

Sunny said...

Susan, as you probably already know I have had an herb garden for years. I try to keep a good amount of lavender on hand for its soothing effects. I also helped keep Izzy calmer when I first started traveling in my rv. I've also used other ones Barbara mentioned. Also natural honey is good for healing wounds, and a cut onion is said to absorb germs out of the room of sick people. Haven't tried that one yet. but yes, I am of the belief that if we can get our hands on and use the things God gave us in the beginning we would be much better off. my daughter recently had a diverticulitis attack and the meds made her so very sick. she started going into it again, recognized the symptoms, and quickly did a research online as to how to treat it. She saw some foods that would prevent and/or calm the symptoms and is much better today without the meds. God truely supplied our needs!

retha said...

Like turmeric & chilli powder on wounds, heated copper coins on infected wounds, geraniums to keep snakes away, thorny plants as a deterrent for burglars ... What is the reason or drive behind our behaviour.

We are first spirit then we are physical. There are the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of darkness. Truth and lie, truth can be spoken but actually be a lie.We have been set free for freedom.

True I have no idea what this talk was about. From what I have heard talk of, I have a question; what is the reason people try to recreate anointing oil?

When our stomach is hungry we eat food. Not to keep our stomach full but to nourish our body. Does any of us ever walk past a bowl of vegetables and say: oh, just on time my bladder is now looking for cucumber. No. We fill our hunger but use the knowledge we have to see to it that our whole body is nourished.

Crystal said...

Sorry I haven't been around to visit lately. Our internet connection has been wonky but I'm back online for now :) I loved hearing about King's Kitchen again - that is such a cool ministry - God bless you and Mickey for doing it.

I've been using Oil of Oregano to help clear up a sinus infection and DH loves lavender before bedtime - just a drop or two under our nostrils. We both prefer herbs and natural medicine vs pharmaceuticals and prescriptions. I'd love to hear more as you learn on this topic.

Jenileigh said...

I hope that you blog more on this in the future. I have great interest in this and have several books here, a few oils myself, but haven't the time to really dig in since I'm in nursing school. I certainly look forward to hearing what the Lord reveals to you.