Thursday, February 21, 2013


I've always heard that the reason we relate to a certain book is because the Author has put into words exactly what you know is true in your Spirit and understanding.  So you read along and it is like, "YES!!!!  You're saying exactly what I believe and have not been able to articulate in words. "  We have continuous  "A-haw"!!! moments.  Such was this wonderful classic by one of my favorite's A. W. Tozer.

I could share quote after quote and it is hard to pick just a few but I have:

"If we just stopped all our busyness; got quiet, worshiped God, and waited on Him; we would rise above the carnality of present Christians."
"Brethren, you will never know more about God then the  Spirit teaches you.  You will never know any more about Jesus then the Spirit teaches you, because there is only the Spirit to do the teaching."  Both of these quote from Chapter IV -The Abiding Elements of Pentecost page 74 & 75

"Much of our Christianity is social instead of spiritual.  We should be a spiritual body with social overtones.  Instead of that, most of our churches are social bodies with spiritual overtones.  The heart of the church always ought to be Christ and the Holy Spirit,  The heart of the church always ought to be heaven, and God, and righteousness; and they that love the Lord spoke often, one to another, and what they spoke about was spiritual things."  Chapter V The Dove of Noah's Ark page 87-88 

"The Holy Spirit will expect obedience and will not tolerate self-sins.  Self sins, what are they?"  self-love, self confidence, self-righteousness, self indulgence.  "The Lord will never let you show off or boast." Chapter 6 How To Be Filled With The Spirit pages 93-95

"One of the old saints said, 'Never think for a minute that there is a time when you won't be tempted, and he is tempted the most effectively who thinks he is not being tempted at all.'  Just when you think you are not being tempted, that is the time when you are being tempted the most effectively."  Chapter 10 Don't Beg God For The Holy Spirit page 149

I highly recommend this classic. 

This is the 5th book I've read so far in this new year of 2013.  I have blogged about 1,2 & 3 but am skipping #4 for now because it is in conjunction with #6 that I am also reading and I want to blog with those two together!!  I just had to squeeze in this Tozer book first and it was one of those I could not put down!!!

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Sunny said...

Very interesting views.... I wonder how we can "stop all our busyness" when other people are depending on us. I would truely like to know this , as well as insight into other things mentioned here. It is well to "say" we should do this or that, but I for one, need to be shown how. I follow the Lord Jesus leading as best I can, but still seem to come up very short compared to others. It is frustrating....

pearlie said...

Tozer is one my favourite author...but the irony is I have not finished any of his books. I read some and I have to stop because his thoughts are usually so profound. Is this your most favourite book of his?

pearlie said...

I tried reading Tozer's Pursuit of God but couldn't finish it!

Mountain Mama said...

I haven't read this book but it does sound interesting. We can always learn more if we are open to it.