Sunday, March 10, 2013


Mickey teaches a 4th grade Royal Ranger group of boys every Wednesday night.  Quite a testing for an 80 year old!!! 

Their Patrol is called Coyote Patrol. 
I wanted to share a project my husband, one of the royal rangers boys & a friend just completed.

Their very own Patrol flag.
(1) The Coyote drawing was created by 4th grader Caleb Cook.
(2) Mickey took the drawing to Kinko's and had another print made and then had the 2 prints laminated, one for each side of the flag. 
(3) Mickey & I went to the fabric store to pick out a fabric and found this yellow flag material we thought looked nice & bright. Mickey measured out the exact size for the flag.
(4) We asked one of my WOW Woman Bible Study woman, Kathy Robinson, to hem all the edges and make the placket at the top for the rod.
(5)  Mickey bought the 3/4" square flag pole at Loews.  He cut the 2 lengths to size and then cut notches in both poles to fit flush and glued them in place.
(6)  Mickey went to Hobby Lobby and bought leather strips to decorate where the poles were joined.
(7) He attached a wild turkey feather at the end of the cross bar for added appeal.
(8) Mickey cut off the excess wood on the flag pole cross bar.
The finished project!
The Coyote patrol in formation as they practice for the first time with the new flag.  There is another patrol in front and one behind.

Saying their pledge to the U.S. Flag, the Oklahoma State Flag & the Christian Flag as Caleb holds their Coyote Patrol flag during their opening service.

A project well done~~~~ Thanks Caleb & Kathy!!
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Mari said...

The flag turned out really nice and I'm sure having their own flag is inspiring for the group. But I have a feeling that having Mickey for a leader is even more inspiring. He's a good example to all of us!

Mountain Mama said...

That is so neat. I like the feather too. I think it's wonderful that you & Mickey are still doing the Lord's work. God bless you both.

retha said...

So very well indeed!
What a privileged for these boys! I pray they savour it and get to know the value before it is over for them.

Brenda said...

That means a lot to the young boys I'm sure. I bet they just love Mickey!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat and what a great leader.
God bless you all for doing such God's work to so many.

Crystal said...

I am just amazed at the volunteer work you both do - you are such amazing examples of service! Those boys are lucky to have Mickey as a leader and role model. The world will be in good hands if they emulate him.