Monday, May 27, 2013


I love blogging!!  It literally has so blessed and expanded my life. Since beginning my blog on 1/21/07, my word 6 years & 4 months ago!!, I have been privileged to meet 13 blog friends in real life.

I have a special relationship with this young mother, Kristie.  I first meet her in Albuquerque, where she lived, when we visited there in 2008.

Here is our "meeting" picture - Kristie, her son Jamie & daughter Katie and yours truly.

In 2010 Kristie and her 5 children moved to Tulsa.  Mickey & I went over to her apartment and visited with her and all the kids one day.  We took lots of pictures and I've looked and looked, to post one here, and can't find them :o(  Suzette became ill shortly after that and I was so involved and then "life happened" and it had been F-A-R to long since we'd met and talked, although we keep in touch with fb.

 So, we met for lunch last Thursday at 11, because we wanted to beat the rush and also knew an hour wouldn't be long enough to catch up on all we had to talk about!!!  She is just as pretty and sweet as ever.  
We both had luscious, healthy salads.   Here is my cranberry, chicken, etc. salad.  So big I ate 1/2 and took 1/2 home.

Thanks for a special time, Kristie!!  We both determined we would not allow such a long time between visits again.

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Sylvia said...

It's really great that you have met SO many cyber friends. One day we'll be worshipping and dancing together round His Throne. Glorious thought.

Barbara said...

Yes it has been a fun journey together me being 2months behind you.

Mari said...

The people we meet are the best thing about blogging! Glad you got to spend time with her again.

retha said...

I am so glad to see and hear this! Have been wondering how she is doing.
Hi,Kristie wave, wave.

retha said...

Am happy to hear what has happened to Kristie. And to see it is going well with her.

retha said...

Oh, sorry Susan ma'am if this is a third message. I wrote a comment, was redirected to log in to my account. When I got here, I did not look to see if the note at the top said the comment was saved. If there are two comments, that is why.

Hope you have a great day with the Sir.