Thursday, May 30, 2013

GOD AT WAR - Book #13 for 2013

Finished book #13 - gods at war by Kyle Idleman.  This is the second book by Kyle I have read, the first being Not a Fan which I read in 2011.

Kyle is one of the younger Pastors that tells it like it is, and I like that. This book is about the Gods we are at war with and hit home on many levels. 

The part I want to share is in the Chapter 12 "The God of Family" because as mothers this is one we struggle with.  

"After taking time to reflect on it she became convicted that her children had become false gods in her life. I asked her what led her to that conclusion.  She explained that it wasn't that she made them too much of a priority, she said; it was more about letting them control her.  Her children, and what was going on with them, determined whether or not she had a good day.  If they behaved themselves and didn't throw any tantrums, she could feel good about life.  Otherwise she could not.  If they were happy, she was happy.  If they were upset, she was upset."

Her children had the power to fill her with anger or peace, with disappointment or joy.  She realized that they were controlling who she was as a person and who she was becoming as time passed. This is exactly what a false god does:  it recreates us in its own image."

WOW!!  This can also be true of us mothers, even when our children are adults if we don't first and always keep our eyes and focus on JESUS!!!

The book contains 13 chapters divided in 4 parts, gods at war, the temple of pleasure, the temple of power, and the temple of love.  I would highly recommend this book. 

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Mari said...

Wow - I have to admit that I've never thought of that. Very thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful book I will have to go to our Christian book store and see if they have it.
They did not have the other one that you recommended.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and prayers