Saturday, July 13, 2013

#14 - Meeting another blog friend!!!

As I have said, many times over, blogging has been such a fun adventure for me and added so very much to my life.  One thing that still amazes me is that I have been able to meet some of these blog friends in REAL LIFE.  And you know what???  I am never disappointed.

So I was delighted early this week when I received a message from Joy, of Joy In The Burbs, telling me she was making a trip from her home in Houston to Branson and wondering if I was anywhere near to her route.  I IMMEDIATELY replied that yes we were not that far and would be more than happy to meet her in either Muskogee or Wagoner for dinner.  Then the next day, when I found out she was talking about staying overnight at Muskogee invited her to come and be our guest in our little guest room. 

Sharing a couple of the little snippets of our messages:  Joy to me:I can't believe I will finally get to see you in person this week. What a blessing! I've always told you if it works out I would do it. My husband thinks its strange I would stay with someone I just know thru the internet. But I feel like I know you and I'm good with it. 
My reply:Oh good!!! Yes, people think it is strange but they just don't understand the spiritual connection that God makes and has made with some of us through blogging and HIS Spirit!!

Can you tell by the happy faces the good time we were having and the wonderful connection!!!!  

Joy arrived on Thursday around 6 o'clock.  We brought her stuff in and let her rest a little bit from her long ride.  We also introduced her to grandson, Aric, and granddog, Shasha who had come over Wednesday to stay a couple of days with us when Marc had to go to OKC on business.  

I had prepared a simple dinner:  tossed salad, baked chicken breasts, mixed vegetables, mashed potato, whole wheat rolls.  For a later dessert with decaf coffee I had purchased a Red Velvet Cake roll. 

 I knew from keeping up with Joy on fb, since she no longer blogs, that she was interested in the Jewish faith and was actually studying Hebrew!!!  I am so impressed with anyone who does, or can study Hebrew.  If I were about 25 years younger I would be doing so!!! So, needless to say, we spent most of our time talking along those lines and sharing parts of what we are each learning.  Aric & Shasha had retreated to the office but Mickey was right there with us participating in and enjoying our discussion.  I just never cease to be amazed at the connections and workings that God makes in our lives. 

We ended up going to bed about 10:45.  We could have visited all night, but that wouldn't have been very wise or prudent!!

The next morning I served a breakfast of orange juice, biscuits, bacon & scrambled eggs and we got to visit a wee bit more and learning about Joy's husband and two daughters, Paige-17, and Leah-14.  Joy's trip to Branson was to pick up Paige who had been attending a Christian Camp there for 2 weeks.   

Saying our good-byes.
Joy had to leave around 10 so the visit was short, but oh so sweet!!!  

Thank you Joy for thinking of us and taking the time to bless us with meeting you personally and getting to know you a little better. 

Yes, Joy is #14 I've been blessed to meet.  Now, I wonder who will be #15 and wait patiently for God to bring it about!!!!

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Mari said...

What a wonderful meeting! I've had people say the same thing when I've met blogging friends - they wonder how I can trust them. However, as you said God can create that bond with someone we've never met, and we really do get to know each other.
Someday, I really hope to be able to meet you and Mickey!

retha said...

Read this last night, after being at Facebook, had to leave try leaving a comment.
This morning I can say I am happy with you two for this opportunity and for the enjoyment you had with this visit.