Saturday, July 13, 2013

This is a picture I received in the mail today from a cousin, Bob Wishon, who lives in Missouri.  I had never seen this photo before and am thrilled to receive it!!  

From left to right:  My Uncle Jake & Aunt Ardith Wishon ~ my Mother Pauline Dickey Errett ~ my 1/2 Sister Marion June Banta Errett ~ my father Henry Harrison Errett - that would be me in front.

It looks to be like I am probably about 3 which would have meant Marion was 15 (today - June 13th - would have been her birthday!). My mother would be 34 and my father 55.  Aunt Ardith was 2 years younger than my mother, who was the eldest of the 6 Dickey children - 5 girls and then 2 younger brothers.  Ardith & Jake were the parents of my cousin Bob who sent me this picture.  
This would have been a very rare visit as we lived far away in Santa Fe, New Mexico and all our relatives lived in Missouri.  I only remember seeing my Grandparents maybe 4 times.  My mother & Ardith were very close and they did visit us in New Mexico several times.  Our little family did visit my grandparents in Missouri when I was 9 years old.  Marion, who was 21 and married, did not make the trip with us. I remember one other time going by train with my mother for a visit but do not remember what age I was. 

Even though our family was very small and isolated. I had a wonderful childhood and mother & father.  I also was very close to my sister, Marion, whom I adored and thought was beautiful!!  I am so grateful for my upbringing and all the values my parents taught and instilled in me.  

My father (who went by the name "HH") served in the 5th New Mexico State Legislature.  After that he had his own Real Estate & Insurance Company with offices right on the Plaza in Santa Fe. I learned a lot of my future skills for office work during my childhood of spending a lot of time with my daddy at his office.  

Strange how just receiving a picture in the mail today has fired up so many wonderful memories. 

Thanks for letting me share them with you.      

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retha said...

How special to receive the photo! Something I always enjoy in these photographs, is the people was always properly dressed.

Good to hear you said; "Even though our family was very small and isolated. I had a wonderful childhood and mother & father."
Very encouraging to me in my little family, when I often receive the opposite of this.