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We were "transplants" to Coweta, but from day one we have always felt accepted and loved.


Several weeks ago a friend of mine, who is shopping for a new home, posted this fb link "Okay, I haven't bought a house in a really long time,  When you walked into "your house" for the first time, did you know it?"  To which I commented "Yes!!)

Then I kept thinking about how we had ended up here in Coweta and ALL that God has done in our lives over the past 15 years.  A few days later I left this comment on her fb link:

"I was thinking further about your question the other day about did we "know" about the house when we first saw it.  It is more important about what God has in store, and in mind, for you AT that new location, and why, than it is about the "house".  I knew this little house here in Coweta was "mine" the minute we walked in the front door but I realize now it wasn't about the structure but about the fact God wanted us in Coweta for this time.  Hope this is clear.  Both of us marvel all the time that God chose to place us in Coweta.  We would have never been looking here, but God orchestrated it where we did, and the little house being "perfect" was not His big plan, at all, but His placement was."

This has lead to even more thinking, praying, and asking God to show me the depth of this and consequently to this blog post.

Mickey & I sold our larger home in Tulsa when he retired in 1997.  We traveled in our 5th wheel for 6 months to Alaska and the Western U.S. States.  We found we loved the atmosphere of the small towns we visited and decided we wanted to buy NEAR Tulsa, to be by our kids, but not in Tulsa proper.  Thus began the hunt for the right smaller home to buy in a small community.

We were looking, looking and just couldn't find the "right" house.  It was daughter Suzette who called one day with the address of a house in Coweta, that was not on the market, but owned by a girl Suzette worked with who was thinking of selling. I'll never forget Suzette's comment, "But it's in Coweta.".  I said that was fine and we would go drive by and see if we thought we might be interested in seeing it. 

We drove by - liked the outside and called to make an appointment.  The minute we walked in the front door, I KNEW this was my house, and we literally bought it on the spot.  Mickey & I have always felt accepted and loved here from day one, ever though we were "transplants" to Coweta which is a community that boasts many families of 3 or 4 generations. 

I have relayed this story to many people over the past 15 years and been aware that yes this was "my house" that God had brought us to.  But, as I was pondering about my friends question and my belated answer I realized this "house" was not what it was all about at all.

What it was about was God placing us here in Coweta, for His plans & for His purposes, which at the time we had not the foggiest idea!!!  In looking back I realize that for the exception of one couple, Don & Barbara who we have known for years, and my forever friend, Joan, in Albuquerque, every other person who fills such an important and intricate part of our lives we did not even know 15 years ago!  That was a sobering realization!!!!

Much LIFE and even some death have taken place over these 15 years but God's molding hands have been, and are, a constant in our lives.  

As I look back over my life of these past 75 years,6 1/2 months I can see how God has truly used EVERY situation, EVERY change, EVERY move, EVERY friendship to bring us to where we are today.  

In a world turning topsy- turvy I can honestly say: I have no fear; I know the God I serve, I know that I am safe in His hands and in His PLACEMENT, PLANS & PURPOSES. I know we are exactly where we are suppose to be, doing exactly what we are suppose to be doing, for this time and this place.  Thank You Triune GOD !!!  

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Mari said...

Susan, this post is such a wonderful testimony of the way God works in our lives. Although we can see His hand in our day to day live, when we look back over a longer period of time His plan can be seen so much more clearly.
I know how blessed you are by Coweta, and I also know how much your presence has blessed this town. God knew where you needed to be all along!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Beautiful post, Susan! It's really wonderful when you know for sure you're in the right place. I wish I could say the same about where we are, but except for the job my hubby has here, I can't see why we're here.

We thought because of the way we found this house and how easy it was to get it, that this was where God wanted us to live. Events have taken place to make me wonder if we made the right choice.

But, he has his good job and that's important, so we're staying put until he retires in a couple of years. We try to be content as the Bible tells us to do, even though part of us wishes we were somewhere else. We do pray about it!

retha said...

What you are saying Susan ma'am is truth! And that you recognise it as is even a greater truth - in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Yes I can attest to knowing that "this is the house", remember Texas...All I had to do was convince Barbara that we should buy this Wrecked house vandalized and in an overgrown jungle.. That wasn't easy but God knew where he wanted us and he placed us in a comunity where the belivers took us in and our Gods house was a meeting place where we all had fun and fellowship and worshiped the Lord time and again. Yes I did know..God is so good, all the time !!!! Don

Brenda said...

He directs our steps when we're completely yielded to Him!