Friday, August 16, 2013

Beloved Grand-daughter

OKSANA - Now age 18.  How can that be ??!!!!

Beloved Grand-daughter #2 was picked up by her dad in St. Louis on Saturday, August 3rd.  Starting out from her current home in Indiana her mother had driven her 1/2 way.  For the past several years, St. Louis has been the pick-up point.

Her dad Marc's birthday was August 2nd - but we waited till Sunday the 4th to celebrate with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  We choose The Cheesecake Factory because it is one of Oksana's favorites and since we weren't together to celebrate her 18th in February we wanted to do so here with her dad. 

 Grandpa Mickey - Oksana - Aunt Jacque
 Later at our house
Brother Aric and Cousin Jessica 
 The family shot that day ~~
Aunt Jacque, Cousin Jessica, Grandpa Mickey, Grandma Susan,
Dad Marc, Brother Aric & Oksana (so sorry Uncle David not present)

The visit was a short, but blessed 9 days long.
We are so very proud of the fine young lady that Oksana is growing up to be.

She has graduated High School and is currently working at McD's. She has already had 2 promotions in her short time there:
  1st to assistant and just recently to Shift Manager.
She and her dad are discussing her taking some courses at the local Jr. College.
The agreement being, he will pay all tuition costs and books as long as the GRADES remain high.    

 Yes, we do a LOT of celebrating eating out!
Here we are on Tuesday at Chili's

One of the things Oksana did, during these 11 days, was a LOT of driving.  She does not yet have her license, as she has not had much opportunity to practice her driving skills. So that was one item high on the priority list.  When Marc recently purchased his Cadillac he kept the 2005 Ford Taurus which he is giving to Oksana as soon as she gets her license and can have the automobile in her name.
Dad Marc even let her drive the Cadillac once!!  To my surprise! 

 Sad final, for this trip, "last dinner" at Delta Cafe
Sunday, August 11th.
 Aric finally got around to doing one of his favorite photo tricks!!!!  Giving Oksana "ears"
Last look for this time as we leave the restaurant and her dad and brother take her to the airport to catch her flight back to Indiana.

A very sad note on this trip was Oksana received a phone call that her beloved dog, Swagg, had gotten very ill and had to be put to sleep.  She called Grandpa on his cell phone and was crying so hard he could not understand her.  He told her to hang up and call back on the home phone so both he and I could be on the line with her.  When she finally got out the words what was happening she asked me to please pray.  I was able to pray a prayer over the phone with her.  She had already called her dad at work who was on his way home to be with her. They got here a few hours later for our visit and meal at Chili's.

We love you Oksana, and are so very, VERY proud of the lovely young woman you are becoming. 
You have a very bright future ahead of you!!
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Mari said...

What a wonderful time with a very loved granddaughter. I'm glad you were all able to be together for this time.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Your pretty granddaughter looks like a sweet girl and I know she is much loved by her Grandmother Susan! I'm glad you all had such wonderful times visiting together. I'm sorry about her beloved pet.

Barbara said...

My she has grown.