Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yes, our #1 son David and Karin made this 2,982 mile move from San Francisco, California to Vero Beach, Florida!  Talk about moving "cross country"!!

Moving the furniture and personal items from the Condo in San Fran consisted of renting 2 of the small pods that were loaded and then transported to Vero Beach.  Here are Karin and Mickey in front of said Condo last October when we were visiting them. 
One of the biggest challenges was getting their THREE cats moved that distance.  Solution:  First - they flew 1st class with 2 of the cats.  David said everyone around them in 1st class was very nice about that and enjoyed the cats!  Then Karin flew back to San Fran, leaving David and the 2 cats at the new house in Vero Beach.  She finalized everything in San Fran and then she and the 3rd cat drove that  2,982 mile drive cross country in her little Volkswagon.

It took her 3 1/2 days.....just she and kitty!!!  Our prayers were surrounding her all the way and we know they played a part in a very frightening episode for her..... She was behind a semi-truck and noticed another semi coming up behind her.  She thought, "I don't want to be between these two semi." so she moved into the inner lane of the highway.  Good thing she did------because the second semi ran into the one in front.  Had she not moved she probably would have been smashed between them.  Needless to say, she was shaking and very upset.  She got off the road and into a motel and called David.  Being able to talk to him and shed some tears over the phone helped her regain her composure and continue on the next day.  

Good-bye to the view from their condo in San Francisco.
They enjoyed living there - but it was time for a new step and adventure.

The very happy couple embarking on this great new stage of their lives together.

They are very excited about this move for many reasons.  They wanted out of San Fran because of the housing costs they knew they would never be able to purchase a home.  David had talked to his employer around the first of the year about moving.  Since his work takes him all over on assignments he was seldom in the office anyway.  Their answer to him was, "David, you can move anywhere in the U.S. you want as long as you are close to a major airport."  WOW!!!!  ~~~~  So the hunt began.  They both love living on the coast so they began looking at Florida.  Karin was the one who did all the research into various places in Florida and Vero Beach wasn't that far from the Orlando Air Port and had all the things they were looking for.

So they moved out of the tiny little condo, which was so small they didn't even own a table and chairs!, and into a lovely, BIG 4 bedroom house!!!!   I don't have any pictures of the new digs yet but can't wait to visit and see it.  The first thing they bought was a king size bed and a BIG TV.  They are renting for now, as they wanted to get familiar with everything and be sure where they wanted to buy, but plan to buy their own home in the not too far future.  The added PLUS to this move-----their rent is $1,000 a month LESS!!!

AND ~~~~ for the final "good news"~~~~~~  Karin has already found employment working in the Library of an elementary school about 15 minutes from home.  We received the telephone call yesterday telling us this great news.  

I have no pictures, YET, to show of the new digs.  They are close to the beach and very happy with Karin's choice.  They are almost lost in the space of the big house and they are very happy and excited about their future.  We are eager to visit, and "plans" are already being set.

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Just Mom said...

Oh, wow! That's quite the move -- and with kitties!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wowie what an adventure! Glad she had an angel whispering to her to move over to avoid being hurt or killed!

Mari said...

That's quite a move! I'm so happy for them. The story of God's protection on the drive is a great testimony.

Pam Rios said...

I can feel your excitement via your writing! They are not too too far from me now!! If you do come down, perhaps we can meet half way or something? I have butterflies in my tummy just thinking about meeting you and your sweet Mickey!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Can't even imagine moving that far! Hats off to them for making the most of it. Sounds like it all went fairly smooth.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Sounds like a good move for them. I hope they are happy in their new state! Glad Karin made it to her new home safe and sound. God is good!