Monday, August 19, 2013


I love my church family and the wonderful connections The Lord has made in our lives
 I was so blessed this morning to get to share Bill Cloud's teaching Alef to Tav - The Word of God with Judy's Monday Morning Home Bible Study.  I was blessed to attend this study for over 2 years and love these ladies so very much.  Thank you Judy for giving me this privilege today.

Sunday afternoon a group of us traveled to Stilwell, Oklahoma to hear Randy Caldwell teach.
WOW were we blessed.

(from left to right - front to back)  1st Row - Don & Betty ~ 2nd Row Pat's arm & hand, Shorty, Howard, Judy
3rd Row Eunice & Judy ~ Last seat Robin
 (Another shot to get the other people in) 1st Row Fay - Don 2nd Row Pat & Shorty & Howards head -
 Last Thelma

Driver Corby - Co-Pilot Marc

Following in a separate red pick-up Tim - Jeanne - Sandra - Ella Mae
No pictures of them or Mickey or I 
Total of 19 and we were all sooo blessed!!

We left the church at 2:30 heading out to Stilwell.  Located the church and then had time to drive back in to the small town and find a McD's for icecream etc.
Back and in our rows of pews for the 5 o'clock service.
Such powerful teaching!!!
Thank you Lord.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful day! You were blessed by time with friends and great teachings!