Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Small Look At Me & My Life Through THE ALPHABET

Recent picture of me.

I decided to go through the Alphabet to tell a little bit about me.  Some you may already know, some you may not.  I hope you find it fun and interesting.  I've tried not to give this a lot of thought and go with my first instinct. 

A - AGE - is a fact of life.  We did not choose when to be born and it is totally a matter of living 24/7 365 days a year.  It amazes me how many people fret about what their age is, or is not.  Mine is currently 75.

B - BALLOONS - hot air ones that is.  Mickey & I have owned 2 hot air balloons in the past. The first one was called Suzy Blue, and the second one was called Pink-A-Boo.

C - CHRISTIAN - the basis of my faith and my life, since age 18.  

D - DADDY - I was definitely a Daddy's girl.  I adored him and I have always appreciated all the things he taught me, both by word and action.

E -  ETERNAL - goes with C - I believe I have eternal life, not "will have"  I already have.

F - FAMILY - next to God, family is, and always has been the most important thing to me.

G - GRATEFUL - I am basically a very grateful person for everything I have and have enjoyed during my lifetime.

H - HEALTH - I have been blessed with good health.  I do not take any medicines/prescriptions on a daily basis.

I - INDEPENDENCE - in many ways I have always been very independent.  This is one area I am seeing decrease as I'm aging and need some help doing some things and I rely very heavily on my husband.

J - JOYCE - of course.  I inherited this lovely Irish last name from my dear husband and claimed it proudly.

K - KINDNESS - I think kindness is one of the most important things we can give to all people, at all times, in all situations.

L - LOVE - because I have been blessed with such an abundance of it my entire life.  I believe unless things are done in a loving manner they are not of much value.  

M - MOTHER - my own lovely, very refined and proper one who raised me and set a good standard and my own most important role for some 59 years now.  As I always tell my kids, "Once a mother, always a mother." 

N - NOTHING - I never am thinking of "nothing" and I can't even begin to imagine people who can!

O - OPENNESS - is a quality and trait I value highly in people in every area of my life.  I, myself, am an open book.

P - POISE - is another trait I admire in people, especially when they can remain poised under fire.

Q - QUIET - I now only value my quiet time, but it is essential to my well being.

R - RELIABLE - I am very reliable and if I tell you I will do something you can be sure you can rely on me.

S - STRONG - I believe I am a strong person, not physically, but emotionally.

T - TENACIOUS - definitely one of my strengths and the one my husband admires the most.  

U - USEFUL - I believe in things being useful and using things to their maximum.

V -  VALUE - I place great value in my relationship with my family, friends. and co-workers and laborers. 

W - WORK - I believe in and have always had a good, strong work ethic. This is something I acquired from my parents and I began "working" in my father's real-estate office, answering the phone and running errands when I was about 14 years of age on Saturday and after school.  I got my first full-time job with an R.A (Registered Accountant) at age 18 and I retired from a CPA firm in 2002, at the age of 65.

X -  can't think of a thing except X-RAY - yes, I've had a few over my life.  At age 18 a routine one located a spot in my right side, between the rib-cage & lung.  It was surgically removed immediately.  It was a calcium deposit the size of a baseball.  I had been kicked by a young colt at about age 9 and they believe that is what cause it.  (See, more than you ever wanted or needed to know!)

Y - YELLING - I hate it and it has never be allowed or tolerated in our home.  

Z - ZEALOUS - yes, I am very zealous about everything that involved me or that I am involved in. 

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Mari said...

Susan - I really enjoyed reading this. I feel I've gotten to know you quite well from all I've read on your blog and FB for several years. This describes you well!

Maxine said...

This was so interesting to read, Susan! You're my kind of person. :)

retha said...

Such a great read!
Happy to learn of the qualities I may never get to see for myself.

pearlie said...

I love what you have done here. S is definitely for Susan, the joy of life :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Susan, and that's a wonderful photo of you! Many of them could have been my answers, too. Reading about the hot air balloons was interesting! Did you ride in them, too? I'd never be able to do that as afraid of heights as I am.

Yes, you can certainly use my moon photo...thanks for asking! I'm glad you like it.

Have a nice day!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I enjoyed that greatly.

Kathy said...

I think I could easily craft something similar, but in how I see you. A-admired, B-beautiful inside and out, C-caring, D-DARING! :), E-effort: what you go to to show love toward your friends....etc., etc., etc. You're so loved and so fun (which is "F" by the way.)

retha said...

Saw on fb to comment to Kathy. Had to come by and see. Though I may not have face to face experience I want to agree with her.
G- generous, h-happy,maybe... Yes, I'll follow through with my thought at ♥'s