Wednesday, September 11, 2013


There is a lot of discussion among people, and even in the media, about social media. 

I know it can be good and I know it can be bad, depending on the people who are participating in the segment you have decided to be involved in. 
 Like most things in life it is up to us to make good choices. 

This is MY take on what it has meant to me and my life.

My participation began over 6 years ago in January, 2007 with blogging.  With much
 trepidation I created this Penless Writer blog.  I I had just celebrated my 69th birthday, the month before, and I remember distinctly thinking;  "Who in the world cares what a 69 year old grandmother has to say or think?"

I am so thankful I jumped in and began.  I have built a wonderful network of fantastic people, mostly woman, but also some very important men, who have, and are, richly adding to my life with their thoughts, input and knowledge.  We "share" our lives in our blogs: both the good times and the sad times.  We pray for each other and hold each other up.  One of the benefits, which I never imagined or was aware of when I began, is that I have had the privilege of meeting 17 of these wonderful people in REAL flesh and blood life!!!  I have NEVER been disappointed and they are always as I have pictured them from how they have presented themselves in their blogs. 

As you can see, since you are currently reading this blog!!!  I am still blogging 6 years and 8 months later and my plans are to continue until The Lord tells me different. 

Actually, as the title indicated, this blog post is about what fb means to me.

fb is the only other type of social media I participate in.  I do not tweet, I do not text, and I do not even know the names of anything else that might be out there.

People seem to fall on one end of the spectrum or the other where fb is concerned:
I know some who totally have NO use for it whatsoever (some of my own immediate family).
I know some that think it is totally bad.
I know some who dabble in it just a bit.
I know some who think it is a good thing and are very active in it.
I fall in the last category..

I know a lot of people have some fears about fb exposing too much of their privacy.  I do not.  

I believe our lives should be an open book and a LIGHT.  We should be living in such a way as not to have to hide anything.  ALSO, we should be willing and want to share words of TRUTH and encouragement to others.   We should hold strong enough convictions, on what we believe and what we base our lives on, to want and be willing to share with others on a wide range of subjects and issues.  

On the flip-side:  it is important to always be kind.  We can state, even a negative opinion, about a subject in such a way that is not a personal attack.   If we happen to be having a down day or just feeling "out of sorts" it is important to know when to put "a zip on our lip".  I live by the motto: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  My personal opinion is also I do not have to defend myself in any way on any subject.  We are ALL entitled to personal opinions without fear of being attacked, or put down, for them. 

The above are all my personal views. 

I treasure the connections I have made, first in blogland and now on fb, that have, and are, enlarging and enriching my life.  It has helped me connect and share in their lives in a way I would have otherwise missed out on.  It gives me

insight into people and who they are. 
With Mickey's recent health issue it was a very real support of prayer, literally around the world.   I truly believe God has and is using this avenue in my life for good.
I am thankful for it and plan to continue .

Would love to hear YOUR opinion.

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Mari said...

I feel exactly as you do. I don't use any other social media, but have truly been blessed by blogging and FB. I too have met some wonderful people online and have met some of them in person. As you know you are on the short list of those I would love to meet in the future.
FB has allowed me to get to know and encourage people that wouldn't happen without it. And as you said - it's such a great way to get people praying for each other.

Lady Jane said...

Well I don't do fb but I love to visit my blogging friends. I tried fb once, had trouble with security and got stuck in the games so I left and not sorry I did. I do enjoy my visits to you when I can. LJ

retha said...

fb, maybe if I give it more attention I'll know how to use it more effectively. For now it is easier to quickly go onto fb for a few minutes and then off again, than it is for me on the blog. I do not know when I will get there regularly again. I prefer the blogs, interaction there feels more 'thick'. More, ... more substantial?

Sylvia said...

I've been SO very blessed by FB and reading blogs and made some wonderful friends (including you usan) Do use texting a lot for friends in difficult circumstances and pray for them in the text! Amazing technology.

Mary Lee said...

fb and blogging! they are wonderful tools...would never have met you and Mickey without them. I am truly thankful for your friendship!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I treasure the connection I have made with you!

I do like fb and try to go on at least once a day to keep updated as to what is going on in the world and with family and friends.