Thursday, October 10, 2013


AGENDA - n.   A list of things to be dealt with.

I've been thinking a lot lately about people's AGENDA, especially on fb and blogging.  

As I look carefully at the various posts and entries of people I follow, I notice they seem to follow several main categories: 
  1. Scriptures and words about various scriptures.  This consists of just words or pictures with an important message.
  2. Our Christian stand. 
  3. General quotations.
  4. Daily happenings.
  5. Family.
  6. Church.  
  7. Tips and advice on natural remedies,
  8. Health issues and ailments.
  9. Health advice and remedies.
  10. Running, races, exercise.
  11. The general state of our nation and the world. 
  12. Political - either pro or con: democrat or republican; pro or anti Obama.
  13. Gun control.
  14. Recipes - ALL kinds.
  15. Promoting a product.
  16. Building a business.
  17. Photos.
  18. Funny pictures and jokes.
  19. Complaining 
There are more, but these seem to be the bulk of what I see. The ones I post and blog about myself are usually
:  my faith, my family, my church and church activities, our friends, how blessed I am or God and what's happening in our live in general.  These are my AGENDA because they are my list of things to be dealt with.  

I would be interested to see if you see these's things as my AGENDA.  

I also wonder what you feel your AGENDA is and whether, from following you, I would see that as your AGENDA.  

Just some random thoughts. 

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Mari said...

I definitely see your agenda in what you post. I agree with your list of agendas and I feel that I have a mix of them. That being said, this makes me think about what I want my agenda to be and what I should be posting!

KC Bob said...

I might use 'motive' instead of 'agenda'. I think that mine is (generally speaking) to inform and inspire - and to make folks think. I usually post things that have first informed and inspired me - and made me think. ツ

Shannon Bee said...

I think you follow what you say your agenda is.
Mine personally is to use my blog as an accountability partner for myself on what God's been teaching/doing in my life as well as to inspire others of make them think - which I attempt to do through my own experiences,
At least I hope it comes across that way! :)

Shari England said...

I've noticed the same thing Susan. And I've also noticed to some level, Facebook can be a sort of accountability of what we write compared to who or Whose we say we are. There have been times I wanted to unload and instead, left it with the Lord. I like to post and comment things that encourage others and will occasionally pass on political things, though not as much as I used to. Noticed I was losing a few of the "other" party. Not worth it. Christ is everything!!

retha said...

Well, I have been able to get to know who you are through reading what you say.

I know my 'saying' is very little where I wrote.

Sunny said...

I guess I am all over the board ......