Friday, December 20, 2013


Fun birthday celebration at Lone Star Steakhouse for Jacque's birthday.

 The honoree

 Dad Mickey, Mom Susan & Daughter Jacque

 Nephew Aric & Brother Marc

 Jacque reading her Birthday card with Benny listening

 Her gift from us, new very soft p'j's and bright red slippers

 5 Nutcrackers to add to her collection from dad & mom
Regular nutcracker
Elvis Presley nutcracker
Cowboy nutcracker
& 2 tiny little nutcrackers

Benny's gift to her was an X-Box.
Marc's gift was the Tiger Wood Golf Game
NOW Jacque will be able to join in with David, Marc & Mickey in playing Golf together from their individual living rooms and locations.
Jacque has played a few times on Mickey's when she's been her visiting.
What an added blessing this is going to be for all 4 of them.

The birthday girls special desert
fresh peaches with ice cream and warm sugar doughnuts
She shared with us!!

Delicious steaks and a great waitress and service.
A great, joyous, fun family time
just sad she isn't going with us tomorrow to her brother David's in Florida for Christmas.  She was unable to due to her job as a pharmacy tech at Walgreens.  Maybe another time.  

Happy Birthday Jacque!!!
You are loved very much. 
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retha said...

I like the nutcrackers! Never seen something like that before.

Mari said...

Looks like another fun family night! I love that she'll be able to golf with the rest of the family.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Looks like a great party....and that dessert looks so yummy!