Sunday, February 2, 2014


How can it be???  The "youngest" member of our family turns 15 on February 3, 2014.

What a joy Aric has been all his life.  We love his wonderful, gentle spirit and kind heart.  He is growing up to be a fine young man like his father, Marc.

As always we celebrate with food!!  The honoree always gets to pick, and Aric's choice was Zio's Italian Restaurant.  It was also a lot of other people's choice as we waited almost an hour for our table. Aric choose to celebrate on Saturday February 1st instead of his actual birthday on Monday. 

 After dinner and opening his gifts with his chocolate birthday sundae.  You can tell Aric & Uncle Benny are having one good laugh.
 Father Marc & Aric ordering their meal.
 Uncle Benny & Aunt Jacque.
Jacque had worked all day and still had her name tag hanging around her neck!!!
 Ever present Grandma & Grandpa
The two "kids" Aric & Jacque acting up!!
A picture of Aric, taken at our home with him in the living room recliner on January 31st.   I love this picture because it shows him, with one of his MANY electronic devices, as his very relaxed and at ease self. 

Yes, this young man is a pure joy in ALL of our lives. 
Happy 15th Son, Nephew, Grandson Aric -- we love you!!!
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Mari said...

Happy Birthday Aric! I love the way your family celebrates birthdays. You always have fun!

retha said...

Love the laughs of Aric and Benny, people who know how to laugh!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'm so behind on commenting, but I wanted to say a belated "Happy Birthday, Aric"! It's so wonderful that your family can get together to celebrate special occasions!