Tuesday, December 30, 2014


WOW-WOW-WOW!!!! Is all I can say!!!!!! I just received a wonderful, Biblical Pandora charm in the mail. I have NO idea who has blessed me with this wonderful item and surprise. Will whom ever it is PLEASE come forwarD? The package is By Design Jewelry in Leominster, MA. I am literally blown away by this. PLEASE!!!! 

I left this post on my fb page Monday after receiving this wonderful Pandora charm in a small package in the mail.  It  was "liked" by 28 of my friends, as of this writing, and this morning I received the following private message:

Ma Susan, it was not meant to be so secretive. Because mail is not safe I did not know what to do. I dó get irritated by them. I thought this a good way to give you something I know you like. The pandora charm. But I also wanted it to be something that you can see come from us. That why I looked for this big 5. It was difficult to write a birthday note and not know if or when the gift will get to you. I must say in my excitement I did not think of how you will know it come from us three. Love and hugs, J, R, & E.

Now, for the story. ~ ~ ~ Retha, Jason and their son Ethan are from South Africa. I became acquainted with Retha through blogging, shortly after beginning my blogging journey in January, 2007. Over these almost 8 years we have developed a Spiritual, as well as personal, relationship that only GOD, whom we both love and serve, could have and DID put together.

A Spiritual relationship and connection that is a priceless gift to Mickey & I. In October, 2008, it was Retha who placed a long distance telephone call to me in the recovery room right after Mickey had his double bi-pass heart surgery. Over these years Retha and her husband, Jason, have called us on several occasions, written us letters and we have shared small gifts over these years. Although I have sent her several items that have never arrived due to the mail situation in Africa. 

I know we will probably never meet in the flesh in this lifetime but we have met in the Spirit on a level that is truly a priceless gift. She is 29 years younger than I and she is truly like a daughter to me, and I am Ma Susan to her.  

Retha you, Jason & Ethan
are my GIFT from our Father God
I LOVE this special token
from you three for my 78th Christmas/Birthday.
from the bottom of my heart.

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Mari said...

The gift is wonderful and such a sweet thing to do. I know you treasure the friendship even more!

retha said...

Awwwh, ma Susan!
I like the "probably" in your sentence, helps me to think there might, just might be a chance it could still happen for us to meet with touching.

Barbara said...