Thursday, December 25, 2014

WORDS - Christmas/Birthday 2014

Heart felt WORDS - Spoken or written - are one of the most wonderful things in life to me.

I have always taken lots of time, and thought, in buying that Perfect Birthday card that speaks my heart.  Consequently,  as parents do, we pass our values on to our Children and Grand-Children.

The box in the bottom of our office closet, filled with Cards of WORDS from our family,  are and will be one of the heirlooms that will be left to our children and grandchildren.  Crammed full WORDS from Mickey, Suzette, Jacque, David & Marc that have spoken their heart to me.

These are my "jewels" for my 78th birthday ~~~~~~

From Daughter Jacque -

Because of you, Mom, I know what love is.
It's sharing joy and keeping faith.
And it's what makes us strong and helps us find our way.

Because of you, Mom, I know what family is.
It's laughing,
It's leaning,
It's being "real"
and being friends.
Ans it will always be there, no matter what.

Because of you, Mom, I know what's at the heart of a good life...
Love and family ~~
those things that are true and lasting.
They make a difference...
I know that because of you.  

Happy Birthday

From Son Marc -
Being "all grown up"
doesn't mean you don't need your Mom.

Even though you raised me to be strong and independent,
I still count on you for your friendship,
your insight
and, most of all
your love and care.

I'll always need that.
And you.
Love you, Mom

Happy Birthday 


Over the 18 prior years of her life, I've gotten a few Birthday cards from Granddaughter Oksana, but usually it's just been her name, along with her dads and brothers signed at the bottom.

This year I received my first "jewel" from my soon to be 20 year old Okana!!!!

Happy Birthday, Grandma

You're always the first to say how lucky you are to have wonderful grandkids.
But you've done so much to contribute to everything we've done and become.

So on your birthday,
we want to remind you that you're an amazing woman,
full of energy, generosity, and love.
And that means we're the lucky ones...
lucky to have a grandma as wonderful as you.


YES, 3 beautiful Jewels added to my box of treasure.

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Mari said...

Happy Birthday Susan! I take a long time picking out cards too, because I want the words to agree with my thoughts. You got some wonderful words today!

Sunny said...

Such special "Jewels", no diamond or ruby could ever compare! Happy birthday,Susan!

Brenda said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday and Christmas. I prefer making my cards, because it's really hard to pick the right store-bought one.

retha said...

" And that means we're the lucky ones...
lucky to have a grandma as wonderful as you."
It is so good to hear she see, understands and appreciates the jewel that you have been and are to her.