Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Angels come in all types and sizes.

One of ours showed up at our home yesterday!!!

Mickey and I returned home from The King's Kitchen yesterday, which was the first Tuesday in a couple of weeks we were back in the Kitchen due to Mickey's Dr. appointments and tests, to this ~~~~~~~
Neighbor, friend and angel extra-ordinare, Cathie Hogate, decorating our ENTIRE front yard for Christmas.  This is the exact position we found her in, decorating the mail box.  I have to add, this was one of the coldest, nippiest days we've had so far this winter.

This lovely arrangement in one of my flower containers. 

Christmas wreath sitting on the front porch.

She wasn't finished yet and added a great big bow!

Have you ever had your tree trunk decorated?  Neither had I---but now I have!!

The wreath in place on the front door - with our Angel, and her sweet, precious smile.  

By now I have to tell you the tears are beginning to flow in my eyes.  I cannot tell you how very touched I was with this act of love and kindness from a dear friend and a breast cancer survivor.  


This is not the first time Angel Cathie has shown up --- Last week, after Mickey had his pet scan David, Cathie's husband, had knocked on our door and came in carrying this adorable little basket filled with rice-krispy treats and chocolate mints, a get well card, and a medical magazine with one article highlighted and marked for Mickey to read. 
This gift basket hanging on the left side of the porch.  The little tag, folded like an envelope, reads Mickey's Mail. 

Cathie, who use to do all the decorations at our church, Coweta Assembly of God and in the beginning of The King's Kitchen, before she began her cancer battle, had been on one of the delivery route teams, 
grew some BIG Angel wings 
and brightened Christmas 2014 greatly for us.

Thank You Cathie and may God bless you greatly in the New Year - 2015.  
Thank you Cathie and David for being God's light and our dear friends. 
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Brenda said...

Oh my goodness. This brought tears to my eyes. In this world that is getting darker and darker, God's light in people shine brighter and brighter. God bless her!

Mari said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I love hearing about people who help spread God's love and joy!

retha said...

What a great gift! A friend who is willing to look and to do things what is needed.