Saturday, January 31, 2015


And ~~~~ other items after Mickey's discharge from the hospital on Thursday, January 22nd.   

 Angels come in all different kinds and sizes - and our angel, who came to our aid upon Mickey's discharge after 14 days in the hospital, came in the form of this wonderful, fairly new church friend John.  The fact that John is an RN - well, you can see this was a God connection.  John came over every morning around 8:30 or 9 and changed Mickey's bandage where the drainage tube had been. On a couple of occasions, when the drainage was excessively heavy, he even came back a second time that evening.

I was so nervous about this situation and I literally do not know how Mickey or I could have handled those 6 days without his care, love, attention & help. We can NEVER thank John enough for truly being the hands, feet and heart of Jesus for us.


 John, his wife Heidi, and 11 year old daughter Addy-Johe visited Mickey in the hospital on Sunday, the 18th, and brought these adorable little plastic pipes for Mickey to practice and strengthen his lungs and breathing.  Marc & Aric joined us for dinner on Sunday, the 25th, and after dinner we ALL joined Mickey and competed in blowing the pipes and sustaining the little balls in the air.  I did the worst!!!!

On Monday, the 26th, Mickey dressed in REAL clothing like he wears, for the first time, and we ventured out to begin our daily Walking Program by making a short trip to Wal-Mart.  

I need to, and will do a post about the entire medical journey Mickey began on October 13, 2014 at a later date but could not wait to give John Gummel the thanks, praise and recognition he deserves. 

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Mari said...

What a blessing! But, as you well know, it's even more of a blessing to give. I know John was blessed as he helped and was thankful he could do it!
It's great to see Mickey looking so good.

retha said...

Truly a blessing!
I like that 'competition'.

Brenda said...

God graces us in times of need, that's for sure.
I remember my MIL needing to use something like the pipe after her lung surgery.
Hope Mickey is recuperating nicely.