Friday, March 13, 2015


Milestone = a Significant Event
 February 3rd - 
Grandson Aric's 16th Birthday
Our youngest grandchild and our only grandson

 In our family the Birthday honoree gets to choose the restaurant.
Aric chose OSAKA Japanese Steakhouse
Grandpa Mickey, Honoree Aric, Dad Marc & Marc's friend Gayle

 Aunt Jacque & Sister Oksana

 A $30 money gift from Aunt Jacque

 A new computer item from Dad

 Another gift

 A $40 check from Grandma & Grandpa

Since this was a "milestone" Birthday we wanted to give Aric a special "keepsake" from his Grandpa Mickey.


The 16th Birthday is one of the milestones of life.

 I wanted to give you something of mine that
holds special significance and memories.

After looking through my few items
I have selected these two beaded necklaces
 I purchased in Hawaii in
 September, 1978.

I know you probably will never desire to wear them,
but  I trust they will become a treasure of things
you will remember about me and our sharing
your 16th.

I love you and am so very proud
of the young, principled man
you are becoming.


                Wednesday, February 4, 2015   

The above note accompanied the two beaded necklaces and a small special metal box that held them.  The necklaces do not show up real well in the photo.

We are very, very proud of the fine young man our Grandson Aric has become.
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Momma Roar said...

I love that he was honored on his 16th with a keepsake. I have a ring my grandmother gave me, it has both our birthstones in it. It was on the bigger side, so I had it made into something smaller that I could wear with my engagement and wedding rings. I treasure it because she picked it for me - as I'm sure Aric will too!

retha said...

On this I just can't speak.

Mari said...

I was noticing on the pictures how much old Aric is looking, which makes sense at 16. I'm glad you were able to have that time together as a family. I know Aric will treasure the special gift from Grandpa, simply because of the relationship they have.

retha said...

Okay, now I think I'll be able to say this: it is always so beautiful to read and see how you and pa Mickey interact with your children and grand children. Most definitely you are a great example they can follow, more the value you add to and for them is wonderful!
For Aric to receive a treasure from his grand father is very special. To receive it from his own hand and specially selected is even more so.