Saturday, November 21, 2015

MINISTRY - The Act of Reaching Out - PURSES

Tiny, baby steps~~~~ 

1)  Our small group is studying The 10-Second Rule by Clare De Graaf.
2)  Idea I saw on fb - fill an old purse with small, useful items.
3)  Obtained 5 used purses from the church Klothes Kloset.
4)  Began purchasing small toiletry items.
5)  Purchased a couple snack items.
6)  Asked my good friend, and Sister in Christ, Judy Russell to prepare 5  
     personal prayers she writes out and puts in pretty envelopes.
7)  Purchased blank notes and envelopes that read:
Dream, Hope, Believe...
the Lord is painting a  
future for you.
He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Ecclesiastes 3:11
8)  Felt lead to add a $5 bill.
9)  Assemble and get the 5 purses ready.

1st one completed 
All 5 filled and ready to go.

And, NOW - I have placed the 5, filled and ready to go, purses in my automobile. I am asking God, and believing I will hear His voice as HE directs me where, when, and to whom to give each purse.  Judy and I discussed her prayers, each is different.  We believe God will direct the RIGHT prayer exactly to the right woman.

I have never done anything this "random" before .  But, I know God has been directing my steps. I BELIEVE and am excited to "HEAR HIS VOICE".

Watch for follow-up reports as I am obedient to this small Act of Reaching Out.

(Usually it is not a good idea to give cash to people asking for it, because they may use it to buy drugs or alcohol.  Because God is who will be leading me to whom to give each purse, He spoke to me to add this small amount of cash.)  

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Mari said...

This is a great idea! I'll be interested in what happens as you follow God's leading with these.

Madeby x Me x said...

That is all we can do in live "be obedient"