Sunday, November 15, 2015


Such a great time today with SPECIAL friends.

(left to right) Kristine, Ruby, Tim, Mickey, Susan 

After church Tim & Kristine Hembry took Mickey & I to Claremore for a visit and dinner date with Ruby Curry (Sadly Andy was showing his new LED lighting at a gun show and wasn't with us.)  Ruby's 3 children and 2 foster children were also present.

Ruby fixed a yummy baked pasta dish, Susan prepared a large tossed salad, and Kristine brought 2 large loaves of delicious french bread.

In addition Ruby not only prepared a delicious pumpkin cake dessert, but even sent small ones home with both Kristine & I.

Tim and the boys built a large, roaring fire in the fireplace and we delighted ourselves with the spectacular view out the front window over the pond and acreage and the large number of free-range chickens, of various kinds, running all over.  

We talked and visited and ate and visited and visited some more!!!
Thanks Tim & Kristine for setting this up and thank you Ruby for being the special friend you are to Mickey & I.  
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Mari said...

It sounds like a perfectly wonderful time. It's nice seeing a photo of Tim and Kristina as I saw you mention them often on FB. You and Mickey look great!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a relaxing day. So good to have good friends to fellowship with!