Friday, March 2, 2007

2nd Grade Student of the Month

Meet my grandson, Aric. His name has just been called out as one of 2 from his class of 2nd graders for Student of the Month at Skelly Elementary in Tulsa. He had no idea this was coming so was totally surprised and delighted.

That's me in the background to his left and his dad, Marc, to his right. Grandpa is taking the picture!! Wanted to start introducing you to some of our wonderful family.

I have another picture I wanted to get on this page too but couldn't do it. I'll have to post in following this separately. I'll be so glad when I get better at this! Can you tell how frustrated I get. I'm not accustomed to struggling so much trying to learn something new.

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Lori B said...

That's cool to be student of the month.
Thanks for sharing the photos.