Friday, March 2, 2007

2nd Grade Student of the Month

Here's Aric with his folder with his award certificate, lots of coupons for various eatteries , his new pencil and most importantly his medal. One very happy and proud 8 year old!
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Lori B said...

I happened onto your site off of a couple of friends. I hope you don't mind.
I like to read your posts. You are so inspiring.
Please feel free to read my blog and comment anytime. I love when people leave comments.

I love that photo of your grandson (I'm assuming). I also have an 8 year old boy.

Penless Thoughts said...

Lori - Thanks for visiting me. I've seen your name and comments a lot but couldn't link onto you.

I am delighted you're reading my posts and Ill jump (well not figurative!) right over now and read yours since I have an address.

By now you've probably read the 2nd Student post that was suppose to be the first!!! Oh me!!! Oh my!! Yes, that is our grandson.

Just Mom said...

Congratulations, Aric!

Marc S said...

That's my boy!!! Grinning from ear to ear!


Anonymous said...

Does Grandma have any buttons left on her blouse, I think NOT.... Know your are really proud of him and I am sure his daddy is too !!!! Don

Candy said...

Of course you can add me to your blogroll. Id be honored! Id like to add you too once my blog is finished being made, is that alright too?