Thursday, March 8, 2007

Angels #2

I decided today to show some of my most treasured possessions with some of my angels..
My Bibles.
Not all these books reside on this table all the time. They have been placed here for the picture! What resides on this table are the current ones we are studying out of,
The King James and The Message, plus two devotional books and our prayer journal.
The angel on the back corner lives on this table with our daily devotionals, Bibles and books.
She is holding in front of her the letters L O V E with "my family"
written on the heart that forms the O. I bought her at a garage sale.
Since she is made of fabric I decided to include my two other fabric angels.
The one sitting on the left corner was given to me by our dear friends, Jack & Mary.
The little one sitting on the big Family Bible usually sits on the blue Fostoria bowll
on the lamp table behind. I purchased her but I don't really remember where.
These are the only fabric angels I have.
Sitting in front of my Message Bible is an angel made of tin. I know she is hard to see.
She has a blue robe with red trim on the bottom, sleeves and neck. She is holding a candle.
Her hair is yellow and her wing is dark pink. She is a Christmas ornament
that I bought in New Mexico. She lives in the corner of a picture frame.
The other two, sitting on The New American Standard Bible, are matching napkin ringsmadefor meby our good friends, Don and Barbara.
Now for the other books and Bibles on the table.
In the far left corner is our daily devotional book My Utmost For His Highest
by Oswald Chambers. While visiting my forever friend in Albuquerque
in October, 1997 she had one of these and I really liked it.
For Christmas of 1996 it was part of my Christmas gifts from Mickey.
We began it on 1-1-98 and are now in our 10th year of reading it daily.
To the right of the Large Family Bible is one of my many favorite books.
It is Andrew Murray on PRAYER. I received a gift certificate
for a local Christian Book Store from some girls I worked with,
just before we left on one of our long journeys to the
Eastern United States and Eastern Canada.
When I went to select books before we left this is one I purchased.
We began reading it in July 2000 and have since re-read it 4 other times.
This is a book that changed our lives in the area of prayer.
To the far right is The J.B. Phillips New Testament in Modern English.
I have had this New Testament for many years..
To the far left front is our LARGE Print AMPLIFIED Bible.
Sitting on top of that is my newest is a
Franklin Electronic KJV Bible.
This was my Christmas gift from my dear husband, Mickey this past year.
I love it!!
To the right of the Electronic Bible is our Prayer Journal..
This journal was a gift from my dauthter-in-love from a business trip she made
to Bangladesh in 2006. It is all handmade paper and very beautiful.
The Bible in the far right corner is my King James Version of the Bible.
It reads Presented to.....
"My Wonderful & Lovely Wife - Susan"
"A devoted husband - Mickey"
"on our first anniversary - October 4, 1959"
It is my most treasured possession.
When asked the question, "If you could only save one thing what would it be?".
I never have to wonder or think twice. It would be this BIBLE.
After 17 1/2 yeqars the pages are paper thin,
We had it rebound in May, 1978 because it was falling apart.
I love THE WORD of GOD.
We also have a Living Bible.
The Marked Reference Bible by Vondervan
and a Spanish New Testament.
No Hay Amor Mas Grande
Mickey has a The Scofield Reference Bible. It was given to him by the Pastor when he was saaved on March 27, 1959.
In addition to the various Bibles.
we also value our reference books: W.E. Vine's An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Word; Vine's Complete Expositor Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words:
Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary On The Whole Bible;
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible.
One of the MANY things I have always been thankful for is being born at a time
in history where we have so much knowledge at our fingertips in books.
Never, did I fathom the knowledge that is now available to us at our fingertips
clicking away on a keyboard and accessing all knowledge known to man.
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Jungle Mom said...

W are so blessed to be americans. Did you know that here, a Bible costs about the same as a weeks paycheck? And for the indians more like a years? We are a truely bleesed people!

Tina said...

Yes, we are! One of my favorite stories is by Amy Carmichael about a woman in India who had no Bible and very little Gospel knowledge. She had only heard a little, but she had incredible childlike faith and trust. Later when asked how she could have survived with no Bible she said "You know His through reading, but I know Him by suffering." I have NEVER forgotten that. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE Andrew Murray and have many of his books.

Linds said...

I love angels too. Yours are lovely! I use the Message at the moment, and it is just amazing to read everything in a new way.

Candy said...

I love the word of God too. I use the KJV too and have been trying The Message Bible lately too! (I like proverbs in The Message...makes things so clear for me to understand)
I love having Bibles on the coffee table too! Generally everywhere around the house. I grew up with parents reading The Bible all the time and seeing Bibles here and there around the house. I loved it and still do. You know those that are really and truly in tune with God and His Word when you see Bibles (not dusty ones) around their house.
Love the angel sitting at the edge of the coffee table :)

Lori B said...

So true. We are so blessed!
I will have to check if our Christian book store has the book on Prayer.
Thanks for sharing about your bibles and angels.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all of that with us. It is so touching that your husband gave you a bible on your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

It really is amazing how we have our favorites. I lost my favorite Bible once. It had all my notes written in the margin. My heart was broken. I bought another of the same and tried to start over. About a year later I found out I had left it at church and my brother-in-law had taken it home with him and forgot to give it to me. It was at his house the whole time. When I got it back it was like getting a part of me back. My daughter smuggled Bibles into China when she was sixteen. We truely are blessed as Jungle Mom said!

Momma Roar said...

Thanking you for sharing your special treasures and the stories behind them. The Bible I'm reading now is my Women's Devotional Bible from Women of Faith, NKJV. I was fortunate to be at one of their conferences about 4 years ago - wow!

Sandy said...

Susan - I love reading the stories behind the bibles and angels! Each has such a special meaning for you which I think is so nice.