Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Angels #4

The angels I am going to share with you today are VERY special ones to me.
I have the joy of being born on Christmas Day.
I have always gotten a lot of comments like "It must be awful to have your birthday on Christmas and only get one present that says Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas". My parents were wonderful about that and I never felt that way.
One of the drawbacks of being a Christmas child was that a birthday cake was not on the Christmas menu, along with the pies and other normal Christmas desserts!
I can only remember two times that I had a birthday cake on my birthday.
Once was when I was 16 and my mother had a cake made for me that looked like a present.
It was wrapped in blue (icing) and the name tag read "To Susan". I was so thrilled.
The second time was about 10 years ago when my son-in-love Dave (married to our daughter Suzette and who loves to bake) made ME a birthday cake. When he made it he, of course, had no idea it was only the second time I had ever had one.
Talk about being surprised and happy. I was.
Christmas 2005 was the first time in a number of years that all 4 of our children were together for Christmas. It was such a wonderful and blessed time. Our daughter, Jacque, who had survived hurricane Katrina, had moved here with us. Our son, David, who lives in California had just married Nicole in April and they were here with us.
Just a grand time!

After dinner, and opening presents, Jacque walked out with this birthday cake!!! Now the cake alone would have thrilled me beyond words but as you can see......the cake was topped with four 3" porcelain angels. The angels each have a name and a different colored glass heart stone. Left to right there are: Hope (David) - Faith (Jacque) - Love (Marc) - and Joy (Suzette). I was weeping with joy!!!!

These 4 very little angels have a prominent spot

Not only to remind me of a very special moment and my 3rd birthday cake in 68 years

but to remind me of the 4 special and very unique children My Lord has blessed me with!


Candy said...

Ohh Susan!! That cake is so sweet!! And what a sweet son-in-love you have!!! Thanks for sharing...thats so special!!!
I love it!
Guess what...Im a December baby too!!! :) My birthday is Dec 17...a week before Christmas. I have always loved it too!! And, I too, have ALWAYS gotten the "dont you hate your birthday is so close to Christmas, it must be awful for you"...NO! It was always great!! My family and friends celebrated both my birthday and Christmas! It was awesome and still is!!! :)
Love Candy

Penless Thoughts said...

Candy - Couldn't agree more about it being special and still is!! To top it off our two daughters were born December 13 and 22, and our first grandchild was born Decembeer 23. My husband and this son-in-love share a November 24th birthday (which falls on Thanksgiving quite often). Then our new daughter-in-love has a January 1st birthday. My forever friend has a December 7th birthday. You can see our family is very involved during those 6 weeks or so!!

Lori B said...

I love that cake~ It is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing. I just love all your angels.

I think my mom has angels similar to that that say Faith, Hope, Love.
I love them too.

I think even if you have a December birthday there are ways that you can still make your day special!!

Momma Roar said...

What a beautiful cake and what special memories! I loved this story.
Our daughter was born Dec 16 (she was due Dec 23) and our youngest son was born Dec 7 (he was due Dec 12 - I had them both a week early because of c-sections). I will always remember your families when we celebrate our December birthdays!

Just Theresa said...

That was very nice. The angels was very beautiful. You have very nice children to do that for you. I had tears in my eyes.

From Texas

Sandy said...

You always have such nice stories behind all of your angels!!! I love the cake!

Jackie said...

beautiful cake. The one shaped like a present sounds great too. What a great idea. Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your comments!

Penless Thoughts said...

Lori - We can make any birthdate special because we are all special to God.

Momma Bear - Neat - I'll remember you and yours, too.

Just Theresa - Yes, I am truly blessed with my wonderful children and the close family we are.

Sandy - That's why my angels are so special to me.....because most of them do have their own story to tell. Can you tell I am VERY sentimental?

Just Mom said...

You have a very thoughtful and loving family. Beautiful story.

~ Amy ~ said...

Wow, what a cake! I can see how it must have meant so much to you. It would be hard to top that one.

Tina said...

My mil is a Christmas baby too!! We have a tradition of going out to breakfast CHristmas morning to celebrate and then have cake later!
I want to know how you got that counter there!

weavermom said...

What a special story - I can see why those angels are some of your most treasured.

I think I'll be praying for a son-in-law like yours!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those son-in-laws :) Mine is beyond any words...just love him so! What a neat story and a precious gift to remember! I love the idea of a cake that looks like a present. You will be blogging forever with all your great stories! Keep sharing.
Finally got to see the grandparents day photos, how sweet are they...treasures!

Penless Thoughts said...

Jackie - I enjoy your blog and your genuineness (is that a word?!)

Just Mom - Yes, I have a very loving and thoughtful family. Yet another of God's wonderful gifts to me.

Amy - Thanks for commenting glad you are home safe from playoffs.

Tina - That sounds like a great traditions. Family traditions are so important and wonderful. On the counter - go to the bottom and link on the name it will take you to the site and give you instructions.

Weaver Mom - Yes I'm one blessed Mother-in-love!!

Ginger - Thanks! You are always such an encouragement to me :o)

Linds said...

Such a lovely post and I love your angels. Very special indeed. Children are such wonderful blessings, aren't they!

Jungle Mom said...

I love the cake angels! And the way you spell your daughters name.

Susan said...

That is the sweetest story!! And what a memory for you. My hubby often has his birthday on T'giving, but he doesn't eat cake, so it's not a big, on the other hand, I'd have issues!!


:-) Susan

Susie said...

What a precious cake. Well Susan, we share the same name and my birthday is the day after Christmas. Pretty cool! I also had parents who made my birthday special so I never complained.

Penless Thoughts said...

Linds - "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward". Psalms 127:3 My children are my reward of the Lord!!

Jungle Mom - Thanks on both accounts!

Susan - Thanks for dropping by.

Susie - Wow that is cool!!!

Momma Roar said...

Did you call me Momma Bear?

ha ha ha, oh I'm liking that!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Mamma Roar - Oops!!!!! Guess I did. Maybe cause you "bear" with me. hehe

Momma Roar said...

I just love giving you a hard time! You can call me Momma Roar, Momma Bear - just don't call me late for supper! ha ha - ok it is late and I need to get some sleep!

Your blog and e-mails are always enjoyable to read - there is no effort to 'bear' with you :)

jennifer said...

My husband is a Christmas baby, and for years used to milk the one sock for Christmas, and one sock for his birthday routine. As a sweet young bride I felt so sad for him that we have begun a tradition of taking the tree down and celebrating his birthday with birthday stuff!
After being away many years due to the military, imagine my surprise when my mother-in-law filled me in on his con!
Guess what, we discovered that we like the tradition of Dad's birthday being special that we have kept it up.
We put the tree up on Friday after Thanksgiving, and so our time reflecting on the birth of Christ is special. And we take down the tree and the kids and I get to sing and share with dad how much we love him.
You know what? I learned that my husband loves to be loved as much as I love to love him:)

Penless Thoughts said...

Jen - Aren't family traditions wonderful? I've been amazed at all the Christmas (or almost) birthdays. Yes, men need displays of love just as much as us women. Perhaps more because sometimes they are afraid to show it.